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Home and Away spoiler: Marilyn tries to recruit a spy

Dana’s previous employment is unavoidable. Marilyn returns after a chance encounter with Roo, who is in need of a nurse, at the most convenient time. Dana promptly refreshes her resume and goes to the interview. Although Roo queries her about why she left her previous position, she is a strong applicant and finds it impossible to lie. She tells the truth about her claims that she stole medications from her job at a hospital.

Roo wants some time to think things through, but when she’s reminded that having Marilyn around is an option, she soon makes up her mind. Roo makes it plain that Marilyn needs to pack up the remaining clothing and belongings and leave.

Marilyn finds Dana at a fork in the road and asks her to return back with updates regarding Roo. Dana wants to help, of course, but will she snoop on her client?

Zara interrupts Rose and Mali’s breakfast date and brings up her past romance with Mali in an attempt to further strain their relationship. To allow Mali and Rose to speak, Xander creates a barrier, but it backfires when he divulges considerably more information than he meant to.

Later, after calling in the big guns, Zara gives Mali a phone call from his mother. Mali is reminded of his duties to his family, friends, and the expectation that he will host Zara. When he tries to explain his situation to Rose, she is shocked to learn that Zara is allowed to stay in Mali’s house for as long as she desires.


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