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Home and Away Spoilers – Ari gambles to secure his and Mia’s future

Will Ari return to his criminal ways on next week’s episode of Home and Away in the UK to give Mia a shot at a family? Dean, on the other hand, is concerned that painkillers may take him down a dark road.

When the borders between girlfriend and caregiver blurred at the conclusion of last week, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) lost it with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).

When the steps to his Diner apartment made it impossible for him to reside there during his rehabilitation, he was forced to move in with Ziggy, and it was only a matter of days before the newly reunited couple fell out.

As we begin next week, Ziggy is remorseful about storming out and abandoning Dean at home. She says she couldn’t stand it any longer when she runs into Mackenzie and Logan at the beach.

Dean’s physiotherapy has made little progress at the farmhouse, and he can’t even move off the sofa without assistance. When he falls while reaching for his phone, Mackenzie walks into the room to find him in agony on the floor.

Despite the fact that he is in excruciating agony, he refuses to take any medicine.

“Suffering for no cause is not just dumb, but also insane,” Mackenzie begs. “Why don’t you simply take them?” says the narrator.

Finally, he acknowledges that he is lying. He lost his mind the last time he was on medicine. “I’m not going to risk it,” he says, determined that he’ll never do it again.

After then, it’s Logan’s time to try to reason with him. Despite this, the doctor, who is normally able to calm even the most difficult of patients, has no luck.

Dean even accuses Logan of bringing them to this point in a fit of wrath. He informs the doctor flatly that none of them would be in this situation if he had just let him die in the car!

Mac overhears Dean and is perplexed as to how he could say such a thing. How could he possibly consider being better off dead now that he had a child and is back with the love of his life?

Finally, Ziggy discloses to them that he was seriously injured in a car accident earlier in his life, which resulted in the death of one of his friends.

Logan instantly realises what’s going on. He speculates that Dean may be suffering from PTSD, necessitating a whole new approach to his problems.

Dean eventually opens up to the group, saying that he used to be addicted to sleeping pills. He was sleepwalking, experiencing nightmares, and acting erratically. He’s seen how horrible things can go, and he doesn’t want to put his family through it.

Logan retorts that he can prevent it from happening again.

“Dean, pay attention to what I’m saying; do you want your life back?” You need to see a physiotherapist, which you can’t do if you’re in this much agony.”

Dean agrees to give it a go after Logan promises he won’t get hooked. However, he must first complete a terrible task.

“You know that I love you, right?” he says as he calls Ziggy back to the living room. But you have to leave!”

She attempts to fight, but Dean says he can’t since she’s there. He is demoralised by her presence while he goes through the most trying period of his life.

Ziggy decides to leave town for a bit, but reluctantly and with a tear in her eye. She kisses Dean goodbye and leaves to visit Coco in Queensland, thinking Dean would be in a better position by the time she returns.

They can concentrate on a strategy now that Ziggy is out of the way. Dean finally agrees to a circuit-breaking dose of morphine, just enough to relieve the pain and offer him his first break since leaving the hospital.

After 12 hours of restful sleep, he feels better than he has in weeks.

Despite the fact that the medications provided him with a temporary reprieve, his newfound contentment did not persist. Not at all.

As soon as the agony returns, he lashes out at Mackenzie again, putting his sister on the point of abandoning him.

With the medicines being the only thing keeping Dean from returning to his old life, can Logan persuade him that he’ll need more than one dosage to go through his recovery?

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) seeks Tane’s (Ethan Browne) assistance in laundering the large sum of money Mia (Anna Samson) obtained from the storage unit.

They can’t purchase the gym with a bag full of dollar notes, so he’ll have to convert it to a bank check as soon as possible. Jasmine is already moving through with the sale and has received the documentation from her solicitor, so the only thing that may slow things down is the money.

Tane is initially adamant about avoiding having anything to do with the shady money, especially when Ari asks if he has any buddies they may call. He tells his brother, “Turn it into anything you want, it’ll still be profits of an armed robbery.”

Due to the fact that he must travel alone, Ari makes some phone calls and locates someone who can accept their cash and convert it to a check.

But first, he wants to make sure Mia understands the gravity of the issue.

She doesn’t seem to realise what’s at stake since she’s so caught up with the concept of adopting. If they’re detected, Ari might face jail time and be prosecuted as an accessory. It’s a severe situation!

Finally, Mia sees things from Ari’s point of view and decides that the potential to adopt isn’t worth the danger of losing Ari again.

However, just as she’s ready to tell Jasmine that the sale has fallen through, Ari appears around the corner with the signed paperwork. He appears to be unwilling to leave Mia without the chance of a family, and is willing to endure the greatest danger of his life in order to do so.

Tane realises that he has no choice but to assist his brother.

Ari is afraid as the two brothers prepare to meet the man. He’d given up a criminal lifestyle, but now he’s back, preparing to meet a mysterious figure from the criminal underground.

Will it be worthwhile to take the chance?


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