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Home and Away releases promo for 2023 Season Finale Week

A new teaser for Home and Away’s 2023 Season Finale week has been revealed; it features Bree and Remi’s disastrous vacation, along with Eden going missing.

The last episodes of the current season of Home and Away, which is scheduled to premiere in Australia on Wednesday, November 29, or Thursday, November 30, 2023, are rapidly approaching.

Season Finale week will put Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) life in jeopardy as rookie Dr. Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey) tries to save her a second time after she defies his advise and checks herself out of the hospital.

Recently, a new trailer revealed that Remi’s (Adam Rowland) life is in jeopardy after he and his girlfriend Bree (Juliet Godwin) get into a motorcycle accident.

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who seems to vanish while in the bush, is also in peril.

Felicity’s line, “It’s just crazy how your life can change in an instant,” opens the promo. Cash then yells, “EDEN!”

We observe Bree and Remi, along with maybe Cash and Eden, leaving Summer Bay for a trip to a secluded riverside site.

In the promo, Mackenzie is also seen resting in a hospital bed. She returned there a few days after deciding to be released from the hospital due to another medical problem.

With a worried expression on his face, Levi stands over Bree, who appears weary and exhausted.

Levi argues fiercely, “This is exactly why she should have stayed in the hospital.”

In the trailer, Remi can be seen riding his motorcycle over isolated country roads. There are also fleeting views of another car travelling along the same routes.

We hear James Stewart’s character Justin say to Remi, “Life’s weird, hey?” “One moment you’re organising a wedding, the next…” He ends abruptly.

Remi answers, “Why is it so difficult for two people to want the same thing at the same time?”

Since Remi took Bree to meet his parents, their relationship has reportedly been on the rocks, therefore it appears that Remi has decided to take Bree away from Summer Bay for a while in order to mend it.

Remi had lied to them about how they met, which infuriated Bree. Later, when he started discussing their future together, Bree started to worry.

Bree has been itching to see Dr. Levi more and more since his arrival; he is a doctor with international expertise. She revealed to Remi that she had only ever left Australia once, expressing her wish to work overseas in recent episodes.

Is Remi thinking that taking Bree on a journey outside of Summer Bay will sate her wanderlust?

As Bree, decked out in leathers and a motorcycle helmet, joyfully dances towards the water, we get sight of the couple at a lake. But catastrophe is approaching quickly.

Later on in the teaser, Remi is seen driving around a curve and encountering the automobile from earlier.

Just before the automobile crashes into Remi and his motorcycle, we hear someone yell, “Look out,” and we catch sight of the startled passenger inside.

Remi is nowhere to be seen as the bike tumbles into the air.

Bree has always disapproved of Remi’s passion for motorcycles, claiming that her experience as a doctor has exposed her to too many of their risks. It appears she had good reason to be concerned, but will Remi make it?

Additionally, a sweet scene between Cash and Eden is depicted in the teaser as they kiss besides Cash’s ute.

Eden tells her childhood sweetheart Cash, “I’m happy anywhere I am with you.”

After Lyrik went to Summer Bay last year, the two got back together. After a tumultuous beginning, which included a brief period of amnesia that made Eden forget her feelings for Cash, they began dating earlier this year.

“Come and pick me up now; I’m done!” Eden tells a phone caller.

Eden then turns to face Cash, who is shown standing behind her in the promo.

According to spoilers for upcoming episodes, “Eden can’t make peace with Levi” on Tuesday, the 28th.

It’s unclear if Eden first goes to the bush with Levi to try to mend their differences or if she goes with Bree and Remi before deciding she can’t handle being their third wheel.

Eden and Remi are seen together in the dark in another little clip from the trailer. Eden is moving towards something off-screen with a worried expression on her face.

Drama for the couple is imminent as Eden seems to vanish, even though Cash appears to be there to pick her up.

The final image of the promo shows Cash appearing terrified as he screams loudly and looks over a lake at the wildness beyond.


The trailer also briefly depicts a glimpse of hope for Tane (Ethan Browne), the estranged husband and wife, and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), but it vanishes as soon as it appears.

Felicity asks Tane, as we see him holding the wedding band from his now-shattered marriage, “What happened at the hospital?”

The two then have an embrace as Tane declares to his ex-fiance, Felicity, “I still love you.”

Tane adds, “But it doesn’t mean we can be together,” just as Felicity is starting to get her hopes up for a reconciliation.

By the time Home and Away concludes in 2023, will three romances and two lives have possibly come to an end?

When is Australia’s 2023 Home and Away Season Finale?
The 2023 Season Finale date has not yet been revealed.

We anticipate the last episodes of Home and Away to air either on Wednesday, November 29, or Thursday, November 30, based on past years’ 230 episodes.

On Monday, November 28, 2022, a three-part episode featuring Felicity and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) drove towards catastrophe on the day of Flick and Tane’s wedding.

Threatening Cash was the Death Adder biker gang, who had slashed the brake lines of Flick’s father’s old pickup truck. The couple didn’t realise they wouldn’t be able to halt as they drove towards the isolated wedding location.

It appears that more lives will be at stake by the conclusion of the 2023 season of Home and Away.


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