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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

It’s close to impossible to predict if severely ill Justin will survive the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

In other news, Zara says an emotional goodbye to Mali and Mackenzie and Alf are in for some major surprises when they return to the Bay.

This is the complete set of 12 incredible moments.

Mackenzie gets a surprise

Mali and Rose are enjoying every second of their shared life, but Mackenzie is taken aback when she gets home and discovers Zara in her kitchen.

She snaps at the couple for not alerting her in advance and lets Mali know that Zara is not her issue.

Things end badly between Rose and Mali when he informs her that he must return home to Zara.

Zara leaves the Bay

Mali tells Zara that it’s time for her to go home in an attempt to be firm.

Mali tells her that although she is reluctant to leave, it’s only because she is unable to face her own reality that she is complicating his life.

When the realization dawns, Zara bids adieu to Mali and the Bay while Rose gets her beau to swear that no more promised wives are lurking in the wings.

 Harper avoids Irene

Irene plans a presentation for Alf at the Surf Club in an attempt to divert her attention from the prospect of an impending jail sentence.

John worries that Irene is merely sticking her head in the sand because she hasn’t communicated with her attorney.

Fearing for her future as well, Harper tells Cash and Eden that her attorney has told her to avoid Irene because of her past criminal history.

 Irene faces her fears

Harper decides to defy advise and goes looking for Irene, explaining her absence from her.

To her frustration, Irene is being pestered by John to get in touch with her brief in the meanwhile. But, it’s obvious that she’s terrified of what might come next in private.

But Irene ultimately snaps and accepts John’s help when Harper and Dana catch her researching her criminal charges.

Roo faces Alf’s wrath

After Dana admits to being Roo’s personal nurse, Alf discovers that Roo has been lying to him when he gets back from the city.

The stalwart of the Bay demands an explanation, to which Marilyn kindly steps in and says it was Roo’s idea to move away.

Roo acknowledges the reality behind their falling out and won’t allow Maz to bear the fallout. She is pleasantly delighted, though, when her father acknowledges that his main worry was for her safety.

Mac rumbles Felicity’s baby lie

Unaware that his wife is doing everything in her power to avoid becoming pregnant, Mackenzie is ecstatic when Tane discloses that he and Felicity are attempting to conceive.

At work, Felicity keeps avoiding the topic, but when Mac finds out about her contraceptive pills, she is compelled to come clean.

After Mac makes it abundantly evident that she doesn’t support Flick’s lies, her pal believes it’s time for her to talk to Tane.

Felicity ties herself in knots

Felicity prepares to tell Tane the truth about still being on the pill, but bottles out when he expresses his excitement for a baby.

She digs herself even deeper by pretending she was annoyed with Tane for telling Mac about their plans to start a family.

Tane apologises for his actions, but this only increases his wife’s guilt. How long can she carry on deceiving him?

Justin’s loved ones receive grave news

Bree has an update on Justin’s status from the hospital, and it’s regrettably not good.

Justin’s cardiac function has decreased, according to the doctor, suggesting that his heart may have been damaged.

Leah is obviously extremely traumatized by the experience as she is compelled to leave Justin’s side in order to respond to the police’s inquiries regarding Vita Nova.

Leah, though, isn’t ready to give up on Justin when Bree suggests it might be time to say her farewell.

Justin teeters on the brink of death

Theo soon joins Leah at the hospital and is informed of Justin’s bleak prognosis.

His condition takes a sudden turn for the worse, just as Alf arrives to comfort a distraught Leah.

Bree rushes in and makes a last-ditch attempt to save his life.

Justin finds the will to live

Meanwhile, Justin is transported to a church filled with mourners as he realises he’s witnessing his own funeral take place.

He notices his headstone engraved with the words, ‘Justin Morgan, he gave up ‘, and tries to call out to his loved ones, but they can’t hear him.

Hearing Leah branding him a coward mid-eulogy suddenly fills Justin with the strength to survive and he awakes, to find his family and friends gathered around his bed.

Leah is left heartbroken

As Justin’s family celebrate his miraculous recovery, Theo breaks the news of Justin and Leah’s engagement.

Everyone is delighted, but Leah can’t help but notice Justin’s unenthusiastic reaction.

Once alone, Leah is crushed when Justin says she only proposed because she thought he was dying and he doesn’t want her to feel she has to go through with the wedding.

Kirby is set free

Remi hatches a plan to help Kirby get out of her contract with Forrest and suggests Lyrik host a fake gig to drum up fan support.

Kirby tries to force Forrest’s hand, but he threatens to sue her, and Lyrik for defamation.

Remi comes up with an alternative proposal that releases Kirby from her contract but gives Forrest full control of her solo music.

At last Forrest agrees, and finally Kirby is able to cut ties with the label.


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