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Home and Away hunk unrecognisable 19 years after soap debut – and quitting for a completely different career

A HOME and Away heartthrob who left and started a new job 19 years ago no longer resembles his character on the serial.

The actor gained notoriety for playing Eric “Ric” Dalby, the cousin of Martha MacKenzie and the grandson of Alf Stewart, in the well-liked Australian TV programme.

His first appearance on the soap opera was in 2004, and his last was in July 2008.

After quitting both Home and Away and the acting industry nearly twenty years ago, Mark Furze, 37, suddenly seems unrecognizably different.

The celebrity has also transitioned into music.

The following is his Instagram bio: “Musician/band STONE LOVE – Vocals/Guitar.”

Indie pop is mixed throughout Mark’s most recent album, “Stone Love,” which was just released.

He uploaded a picture of himself swimming in a wading pool to Instagram.

The post’s caption read: “Croc infested waters.”

One fan who hurriedly posted a message said: “Looking good mate.”

Another said, “Top caption. Haha.”

You look so different from the days of Home and Away, wrote a third.

Soma, a baby girl, was the first child born to Mark and his wife Laural in 2022.

In 2019, the former soap opera star also made an appearance on The Voice Australia.

Since its debut in 1988, Home and Away has enjoyed tremendous success in Australia and the UK.

Recently, a fan favourite who played a pregnant teen on the show 28 years prior appeared unrecognisable.

Shaun Wood, who starred in the Christopher Fletcher film, was likewise difficult for fans to recognise.

In contrast to his television role, actor Norman Coburn, who played Donald Fisher, appears in the show.

After thirty years on television, the programme was reportedly “facing the axe” recently.

The show presently airs on Channel 5 in the UK and Channel Seven in Australia, although sources suggest network executives in Australia are “under pressure” because of declining ratings.


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