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Goodbye Jasmine! Home and Away’s Sam Frost to leave show

Following the uproar about her immunisation status, Sam Frost has left Home and Away, which means we’ll be bidding goodbye to her character Jasmine Delaney in mid-2022.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the 32-year-old actress has resigned from her position on the hit show and will record her final scenes tomorrow (Friday, December 17th), the final day of production for Home and Away.

It is reported that the actress would be moving to Melbourne in a bid to be closer to friends and family.

It is probable we will see Frost’s onscreen exit around June 2022. How she will be written out remains to be seen.

Frost disclosed in a tearful video on Instagram in October 2021 that she had not been vaccinated against COVID-19, which got mixed responses.

“I’m not [vaccinated] for valid reasons, and I don’t want you to criticise me,” she informed her half-million Twitter followers.

“I was extremely worried about shooting a video or even speaking up against this type of issue,” she said, “but I feel like the world is coming to a place today where there’s a lot of division.”


Due to the reaction she experienced as a result of the video, she cancelled her account the next day. It has subsequently been removed.

Seven declared this month that in order to maintain their jobs, all of its employees will need to be completely vaccinated by the 10th of January 2022.

“To create the safest possible work environment for cast, crew, and presenters, Seven Productions has made the decision to only employ people who are completely vaccinated against Covid-19, taking effect in January next year,” a Seven spokesman said at the time.

“Vaccination is strongly recommended by Seven to safeguard our employees, their coworkers, and their families.”

The 32-year-old said at the time that the series would be writing her off temporarily while she underwent surgery and was immunised. It’s unclear what prompted her decision to depart the show.

“I’m not leaving Home & Away,” she posted on Instagram. I’ve scheduled a medical surgery for January. As a result, I won’t be fully vaccinated until late February.

“I’ll be written out for a few weeks while Jazzy goes on an off-screen trip, but I’ll be back…❤️”

“My managers are incredible; we’ve been communicating openly for months.” We are thankful that we were able to come up with a strategy that works for everyone.”

To accommodate Frost’s initially temporary absence, the series had to undergo many rewrites, according to reports.

In 2017, Sam Frost joined the cast of Home and Away after actually crashing into Summer Bay.

As Kat (Pia Miller) and Robbo (Jake Ryan) tried to depart town in search of a new life together, they were t-boned by Jasmine, who was approaching from the opposite direction.

Despite Kat’s death, Jasmine and Robbo appeared to be destined for one other, and they married in 2019.

Tori’s pregnancy, as well as various gang dramas, threatened to derail them. Robbo was tragically died in a dramatic vehicle accident barely six months after they married.

Jasmine grieved her husband’s death for a year, but she’s moved on with new officer Senior Constable Cash Newman in the last few months.

As the 2021 season came to a close, the duo was in terrific shape… However, it appears that the joy will not last long!

In 2022, Home and Away will return.


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