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Former Home and Away star Sophie Dillman calls out insensitive questions over babies

Sophie Dillman, a former star of Home and Away, has spoken out about being questioned about her reproductive choices.

The Home and Away co-star Patrick O’Connor and Ziggy Astoni actress said in a blog post that they are frequently questioned about having children.

“When will I have a baby is the most frequently asked question I receive. It truly astounds me how frequently and from whom this topic is raised, Dillman said in an article for Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

I think young women will still be troubled by this issue in 2023 if they don’t have children, she said.

Although it is obvious that society still views having children as the culmination of a woman’s life, I do think (THINK) we have moved past the idea that women belong in the house.

2019 saw the commencement of romance allegations regarding Dillman and O’Connor being more than just co-stars, and the two actors later confirmed their relationship.

Dillman said in her personal essay that she hopes to have children in the future, but she also considered how having children has a greater effect on women than it does on men, hurting not just their physical well-being but also their careers and financial situations.

My looks counts in my profession, which adds a degree of complexity for me, she said. There is only so much a flowy dress can conceal, and at eight months pregnant, I can’t play a non-pregnant lady.

I definitely want to start a family someday, but it is truly none of your concern but mine, the soap actress said in closing.


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