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Forever twinning! All the best moments between James Stewart and his brother Nick

James Stewart and his twin brother Nick have long been known for their striking resemblance in appearance, with the pair admitting that it’s difficult to determine who’s who in old images.

The 46-year-old twins never cease to amaze admirers with their stunning resemblances, with some even being astonished James had a twin in the first place.

Not only do James and Nick have identical features, but their kids, Scout and Grace, are so similar that they might be mistaken for twins!

The two cousins, who are only a year apart in age, are charmingly close and have the sweetest relationship with one another, as well as their adoring fathers.

The father-daughter combo also routinely post “twinning” images, and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites between James and his twin brother Nick.

Nick and his daughter Grace are on the left, while James and his daughter Scout are on the right, in this heartwarming photo James just posted with his twin and their lookalike kids.

“Cheeky monkeys,” James captioned a photo on Instagram, and his brother Nick followed suit, posting the identical image to his own account.

He joked in the post, “I asked for a serious photo.”

James, who has a nine-year-old daughter Scout with ex-partner Jessica Marais, and Nick, who has an 11-year-old daughter Grace, frequently make jokes about how similar their kids are.

Nick said James Stewart, “These two small girls have it all over us bro @__jamesstewart__  .”

Last year, on their 45th birthday, James posted this sweet flashback photo from their youth with the caption:

“Bro, happy birthday!! Still haven’t figured out who’s who?! ??‍♂️ And why did one of us overlook the bit about the hair? #twinning.”

Meanwhile, Nick posted a snapshot of the two dressed up and looking great to commemorate their shared birthday.

He wished Twinny a happy birthday.

Both James and Nick posted on their Instagram profiles, “Annual daddy-daughter day!”

The brothers shot this photo while driving down the road, with James’ wife, Sarah Roberts, third wheeling in the rear while the twinning couple sat up front.

Nick also posted an image of a FaceTime session with the pair, in which he said: “I’m really enjoying spending time with my family right now!! These two make me laugh out loud.”

Another picture of a baby! The Home and Away star shared the photo on their birthday, and James and Nick appear even more identical in their younger years.

“BIRTHDAY POST!- ? “It’s your birthday… we’re going to celebrate like it’s your birthday… we’re going to sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday…”??,” James captioned the photo.

“Happy Birthday,?? @__nickstewart__  #twinning,” he tweeted.

When it came to putting on his bow tie on the day of his wedding to fellow Home and Away star Sarah, James requested Nick’s aid.

Nick posted a photo of the beautiful moment on his Instagram account, writing: “She’ll turn you into a man!! ????”

The gorgeous couple dressed up for their sister’s wedding and proudly posed with their two flower girls for the occasion.

“Time with the family with Scout and Grace… Flower girls for my sister’s wedding!” James stated his opinion.

“It’s time for our family to get together for our sister’s wedding! I wore a suit the last time I went to court “Nick cracked a joke.

Despite the fact that they’ve been together since birth, not many people are aware that James has a twin, which Nick addressed in an amusing Instagram remark.

“For the love of God!! There are TWO of us!! #homeandaway #twins “he stated

The brothers posted the identical photo to commemorate their 43rd birthday and wrote their individual remarks in homage to one another.

“Birthday twinning… I’ve spent my entire life in the sun with this guy! It’s quite amazing, “James stated his opinion.

“Together for 43 years throughout the ? ! Jimzy, happy birthday…” Nick penned an essay.

“Same identical but different,” James joked, when Nick had posted the same photo a few months before and captioned it, “Soul time… together again!”

“Happy Easter from ours to yours!” the twinning quartet commented on a family picture to commemorate Easter.

The brothers also shared a photo of themselves with their girls on their Instagram profiles, with Nick writing:

“…can’t get enough of these two insane youngsters who think they’re twins more than their fathers!!”

When universes merge, it’s awe-inspiring! James captioned this photo of his brother meeting his coworkers on the set of Home and Away:

“Today’s bay has a special guest..”

While fans have been treated to adorable infant images of the twins, James also posted a rare snapshot of himself and Nick from their adolescence.

“Throwback Thursday, 1990… myself and Nick in Hawaii. I swear I’ll never wear leather again.”

James and Nick have ditched their shaggy hair in favour of a cleaner cut, which they style in their own unique way.

While most fans can tell the two apart these days, James frequently says that he has problems distinguishing himself from his brother, particularly when looking at childhood images.

He joked on Instagram, “Which one am I again @nickstewart  ?”


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