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Ex Home and Away star Luke Jacobz shares emotional post on family tragedy

Eight years have passed since the passing of Luke Jacobz’s late father, John Ashwood, the former star of Home and Away.

Jacobz earlier told followers that 2015 was “the worst year of my life” before Ashwood passed away from brain cancer in that year.

The soon-to-be father, whose full name is Luke Jacob Ashwood, uploaded a picture of himself with his father on Sunday along with a sentimental statement.

“Today is eight years. Not a single day has passed that I haven’t thought about this man,” the post said.

“I still grieve for him, but I also honour the man he was! I will continue to do things in his honour that he done for so many people.

“Tonight, I’ll have a Crown Larger for you. I miss you, buddy.

Supportive remarks for the actor were left in the comments by friends and supporters.

Your father was a great man. I have a lot of wonderful memories of him. The Millennium New Year’s Eve party is by far my favourite. Amazing ensemble,” a buddy commented.

“Nice picture, brother. Love you,” a second remarked.

It’s hard to think it’s been so long. Love to the two of you very much. X,” stated a third.

He had tremendous personality. The connection you two had was lovely. Another person wrote, “He would be very proud of you and looking down on you.

Famous friends liked the post, including Sophie Dillman and Paddy O’Connor from Home and Away as well as Better Homes and Gardens host Johanna Griggs.

2015 was described as the “worst year of my life” in a post by Jacobz in 2019.

At the time, he remarked, “I’ve never felt such grief and sadness to watch someone I loved so much, slowly slip away and be lost forever.

“The love and support he had was amazing, but the cancer destroyed my world,” the speaker said.

After confirming in July 2023 that his wife Raychel Stuart is expecting a child, the actor who portrayed Angelo Rosetta on Home and Away is expected to become a father this year.

Just a few weeks after the couple’s Sydney wedding, they welcome a kid.

On July 11, he declared on Instagram, “2023 has been quite the year.”

“Wedding in June, and a baby in November!”

“Our home is already filled with so much love, and we can’t wait to welcome our little one.

“My amazing wife is extremely inspiring to me. She’s working so hard, and it shows.

After breaking the news, Jacobz gave his first interview about it on The Morning Show. He disclosed that he and his wife had been trying to start a family for a while.

Raychel and I are expecting a child! We’ve been trying for a while, so the news came after we arranged the wedding, and we are so, very delighted,” he said.

We’re delighted because we promised not to postpone the wedding simply because Raychel is expecting.

Stuart and Jacobz began dating in 2017, and they made their engagement public in November 2018.

Due to limitations on foreign travel, they were forced to spend the next 16 months apart.


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