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Ada Nicodemou teases big 2024 Home and Away storyline

Ada Nicodemou is one of Australia’s most-loved actresses, having played Leah Patterson on Home and Away since 2000.

If you’re an avid Home and Away fan, you know Leah has had her fair share of heartbreaks, near-death experiences, losses of husbands (yes plural), weddings (yes plural), and other significant traumas like being kidnapped by a cult.

Ada is currently taking some time off during the Christmas season before Home and Away returns to television screens in 2019. Being the beloved yet demanding character that she plays might have a negative impact on anyone. This year, she has teamed up with Cadbury to support their SecondBite program, which aims to donate one million meals to feed poor families.

On the best last-minute gift ideas for the fussy relative:

We spoke with the celebrity about her Christmas advice and what she thought Leah Patterson would be up to in 2024.

Depending on what they enjoy, I believe an experience is always beneficial, such as a restaurant or show voucher,” Ada informed us.

“And chocolates are just a no brainer, I also really love to support brands that are doing good, so it’s a no-brainer to purchase your chocolates from Cadbury this year because they are helping to feed hungry families by donating one million meals with SecondBite.”

On how to diffuse family tension on Christmas Day:

Leah Patterson is no stranger to drama, so with Ada having played her for over 20 years, we asked if she had any tips for how to relieve any family tension on the big day.

We always play games, we love ball games and board games, and love Uno too,” Ada said. “I think just hanging out and having a laugh always helps!”

On what’s next for Leah on Home and Away in 2024:

The last we saw of Leah, she was checking into a mental health facility after her unresolved trauma caused her to have a breakdown and pull a knife of her partner Justin.

“It will be another big year for Leah but I think there’s a lot more joy in her life this year and the fans may finally get what they have been asking for a while…” Ada teased.

On her 2024 resolutions:

“I don’t love New Year’s resolutions but if I had to say one it would be to learn to say no more often, or at least take time to think before I automatically respond with yes to everything then resent having to follow through,” Ada said.


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