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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next week on Home and Away, Mali receives an unexpected visit from his ex-fiance Zara, Eden and Cash argue over Cash’s job suspension, and Felicity feels pressured by Tane’s baby talk.

This is a comprehensive list of the next 14 major events.

Tane is becoming overly eager for a child.

When Felicity’s husband Tane brings up the subject of kids once more, she becomes irritated. She has previously expressed her opinions on the subject rather clearly.

Felicity tells Tane that she will never want a child, ending the conversation.

  1. Dana and Harper feel bad about Cash.

Harper and Dana are shocked to learn that Copper Cash has been suspended from his position for acting strangely in an attempt to clear Dana’s record.

The Matheson sisters believe they could have ruined Cash’s career.

  1. Eden is upset with Dana and Harper.

When Eden learns the whole truth about Harper, Dana, and the dishonest copper Detective Madden, she becomes terrified.

Eden doesn’t take long to point the finger at someone for her lover Cash’s suspension.

  1. Tane and Felicity’s marriage could not be doing well.

Felicity begins to worry about what might happen to their marriage when Tane refuses to listen to her and drops the baby conversation.

When Felicity doesn’t share Tane’s desire to raise a family, she starts to wonder if she is still the right woman for him.

  1. Justin opposes Marilyn moving in.

When Justin finds out that Marilyn is moving into the Morgan home following her breakup with Roo, he is not pleased.

Leah, Justin’s girlfriend, is unwavering. Leah maintains that Justin must be the one to urge Marilyn to go find another place to live if he has a problem with her moving in.

  1. Eden and Cash argue

Cash’s career is in jeopardy, so he doesn’t like that his fiancée Eden keeps complaining about the Matheson sisters.

Cash advises Eden to stop bothering Lyrik and instead concentrate more on her own professional dilemma.

  1. Kirby wishes to put her friendship breakup behind her.

Kirby expresses gratitude to her former partner Theo for his assistance in the period leading up to the beginning of her solo music career.

But Kirby can’t help but think that her friendship with Eden and Remi, her former bandmates, might indeed be ended.

  1. Rose discovers “Magic Mali’s” real nature.

When Rose finds videotape of her boyfriend Mali dancing at Salt with another woman, she is taken aback.

When she learns that ‘Magic Mali’ and his acrobatics saved the day at a hen’s celebration, how will she feel?

  1. Marilyn issues Roo with a warning

Marilyn has had enough of Roo’s sorrow and is blaming her for all the incidents involving the dishonest cosmetics company, Stunning Organics.

Marilyn issues an unexpected command to Roo. Marilyn will either reveal all that has been happening to her tough dad Alf, or she will allow the recuperating Roo to remain and take care of her.

  1. Remi and Bree get into an argument

Remi is finding it difficult to accept Lyrik’s passing.

When Remi vents his resentment on Kirby, Bree, his girlfriend, is not amused. However, Bree’s boyfriend tells her to back off when she confronts him about his rude attitude.

  1. “Magic Mali” might come back

‘Magic Mali’ is receiving a tonne of excellent comments for Xander.

When Xander tells Mali that other hen parties want to hire him, will she be open to the idea of a potential side business that could bring in money?

  1. Remi is given guidance

John intervenes to provide some unsolicited counsel after an enraged Remi takes off on his motorcycle.

Can John calm the troubled musician down, or is Remi going to push Bree away?

  1. Roo once more forces Marilyn to leave the house

Marilyn’s demand doesn’t really make things right between her and Roo.

Actually, Roo tells Marilyn that she will be hiring a private nurse to take care of her at home and packs Marilyn off once more. To Justin’s dismay, this may indicate that Marilyn will be returning to the Morgan residence.

  1. Zara, Mali’s former flame, reaches the Bay

For Mali, an unexpected visit from his childhood buddy Zara to Summer Bay is a blast from the past.

When Rose learns that Zara was also originally meant to be Mali’s wife, how will she respond?


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