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Neighbours star Ben Turland addresses Pierce Greyson recast as Tim Robards returns

Ben Turland, who plays Pierce Greyson in Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about his on-screen father’s upcoming’reverse recast.’

Pierce will appear in next week’s UK episodes when Ben’s character Hendrix Greyson visits his family in Sydney.

After nearly two years gone, Tim Robards has returned to the character of Pierce. When Tim had to leave owing to COVID-related travel limitations in Australia, the role was recast to Don Hany in 2020.

Ben revealed exclusively to Digital Spy on Pierce’s recent head swap: “I adore Tim and Don, and it’s been a pleasure working with them both.

“But it was great to work with Tim once more. I was with Tim when I first started on the programme, and our characters were quite close.

“It’s always a lot of fun working with Tim because we’re such good friends.”

Ben said that this was Tim’s last chance to return, given that Neighbours wraps production next month: “There may not be another opportunity to revisit the Pierce and Hendrix relationship before June.


“It was great that Tim and I got to do that again.”

When Don took over the role of Pierce in 2020, he brought the character’s exit tale to a close, just as Tim had planned.

Pierce made a cameo in 2021, with Don reprising his role.

Tim said in a recent statement: “It was an honour to be called back to reprise my part as Pierce Greyson, the original! COVID state border constraints forced me to leave and be replaced for what should have been my final month of filming in 2020.

“I’m ecstatic and glad to be reunited with my entire crew, whom I never had the opportunity to say goodbye to. It’s an honour to be a part of the show one last time since that it’s coming to an end.”


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