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Neighbours reveals Takaya Honda’s emotional on-set farewell after David’s exit

Takaya Honda’s dramatic departure from the soap opera Neighbours has disclosed follows his character’s shocking death.

Honda had been a part of the Australian soap opera for many years, even before it was briefly cancelled. However, he made his farewell appearance on Thursday, February 1, as he passed away due to injuries sustained in a cliff fall alongside Eden Shaw.

After Eden started a fight, the horrifying scene witnessed David and Eden tumble down the side of an embankment. Eden had to go to the hospital first, according to David, even though both men had suffered serious injuries.

A video featuring Honda delivering a speech to a group of collected cast and crew members, including Tim Kano (Leo), Matt Wilson (Aaron), Stefan Dennis (Paul), and producer Jason Herbison, was uploaded to the official Neighbours X (formerly Twitter) account.

“I can’t thank everyone here enough, for everything that they’ve done for me over the years or even in the last couple of months,” he remarked prior to addressing Kano.

“Tim, we started together, we’ve been on the ride together, which was such a nice thing to do.”

Wilson, who portrays David’s on-screen spouse Aaron, was the next person Honda spoke to.


“Matty – the relationship with David and Aaron, working hard from the start to develop what it’s become, the relationship that the audience sees it as, and will hopefully create the devastation for what’s to come.”

Dennis then got down on his knees and said, “It’s been an incredible roller coaster working with you, because as they say, ‘Time flies when you’re having fun.'” You’ve been amazing.

Additionally, he reminded Honda and Wilson that, as the first gay marriage to be legally recognised in Australia, they made television history.

“I couldn’t have had a better husband,” Wilson said to Tanaka. In actuality, my husband and I have been together longer than my actual wife. That’s why this is challenging. And all of these tears that have been cried on television have also been shed for you, buddy.”


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