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Neighbours’ JJ Varga-Murphy in terrible danger as gang storyline intensifies

Next week, JJ Varga-Murphy, a teenager from Neighbours, will be in danger at Erinsborough High as the show’s gang narrative unfolds.

Slade Westall targets JJ because of his recent valiant attempts to confront the new bad guy in town.

Last month, Slade made his soap opera debut by frightening Melanie Pearson with a bunch of buddies after tricking her into falling into a trap with a dating app.

Recent incidents have shown that the Lassiters complex has been the scene of numerous acts that graffiti, vandalism, and other anti-social activity, all of which can be attributed to Slade and his friends.

In Monday’s episode (February 19), JJ intervened to confront Slade after noticing him up to no good, but it seemed like he might have made a dangerous adversary.

The following week, JJ pretends not to be terrified of Slade because he doesn’t want his younger brother Dex to know.

JJ is soon forced to acknowledge that the threats against him are genuine when Slade shows up at Erinsborough High.


Later, as JJ and Dex approach the compound, Slade and his gang confront them once more.

Directors of the show have acknowledged that JJ is in “a whole world of trouble”; will there be bloodshed in the outcome of this most recent showdown?

Aaron Brennan confronted Slade separately earlier this week after learning that he had vandalised the Drinks Divas truck on Ramsay Street out of anger.

Only a few days after David Tanaka’s untimely death, Slade and his accomplices vandalised the pictures of Melanie and David on the car.

When Aaron got up to Slade, he launched an assault, but Andrew Rodwell, a police serjeant, was there to intervene and pull Aaron away.

On Tuesday, February 27, JJ’s gang peril is featured on Neighbours.


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