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Neighbours: David is racked with guilt | Home and Away: Ryder accepts Alf’s apology

This week in Erinsborough and Summer Bay…

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

Monday: David is concerned that the message found in his office indicates that someone is aware of what he and Freya did to Gareth. Levi seems unconcerned about Freya’s quick departure to rush into work after their nice date. Roxy and Kyle decide to accept the offer of a settlement.

Tuesday: Despite Ned’s best efforts to persuade Amy to consider her options rationally, Amy is so absorbed in her Fashion Week creative frenzy that she begins to ignore the van. Kyle and Roxy have accepted Gemma and Adam’s offer of a home in Darwin, and it appears that the move will take place.

Wednesday: Roxy is taken aback when Gemma reveals something life-changing to her. When Paul discovers the truth about Montana proposing to Leo, he becomes suspicious of their connection right away. Clive’s lavish penthouse impresses Toadie, Melanie, and Susan, but Karl feels inadequate.

Thursday: David feels terrible about what he did to Gareth. Karl is on the lookout for investment opportunities, eager to expand his fortune, when he comes across Montana Marcel. Terese works feverishly to save Fashion Week, while Paul’s accusations serve only to push Montana and Leo closer together.

Friday: David confronts Dean, accusing him of being his blackmailer, but he appears to be completely unaware of the situation. Mackenzie approaches Terese about working as an unpaid Fashion Week intern in the hopes of getting closer to Montana. Nicolette’s feelings are stirred by Kiri’s arrival on Ramsay Street.

Home and Away, Monday to Friday, 1.15pm on Channel 5

Monday is a tense day. Cash is on the lookout for Felicity. Irene is briefed by Jasmine on Cash. When Felicity questions Jasmine about the Cash situation, she comes clean. Neve’s problems bring Logan and Mackenzie together. Theo and Justin are relieved at the same time.

Tuesday is a panic-stricken day. Neve refuses to listen to Logan’s side of the story. When Theo arrives for his first day of community service, Justin dismisses him like an overprotective dad. Alf gains a greater understanding of Theo’s problems. Cash gets some one-on-one advice from John.

Wednesday: On a night out, Dean and Ziggy try to restart their romance. Ryder’s mental state concerns Roo, so she reaches out to him. Justin inquires about Theo’s problems with John. Mia and Tane are concerned about Ari, who is withdrawing and not answering his phone.

Thursday: Tane gives Felicity an update about Ari. Mia gives Chloe a bridesmaid outfit as a present. Mia receives an unsettling phone call from the prison. Roo promises Alf that she would always be there for him. Karen prepares a delicious home-cooked lunch for Dean and Ziggy. Karen admits to being terrified of being wounded.

Friday: Dean debriefs Ziggy on his intervention, fearful that it may fail. Felicity tries to contact Tane but is unable to do so. Ari’s family finds it difficult to accept his decision. Mia, who is shaken, keeps her mouth shut until she is alone with Ari.


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