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“Who won’t come home?” – Home and Away car bomb in new promo


A car bomb, Justin being taken hostage by Vita Nova, and Felicity being in serious danger will all be included in a huge two-week episode of Home and Away.

After Thursday’s triple-bill in Australia, a new advertisement for the Australian soap opera aired, promising “groundbreaking drama that will leave you breathless” and posing the question, “Who won’t come home?”

In the episodes that air the following week, Justin (James Stewart) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) return to Vita Nova’s base in an effort to rescue Andrew (Joshua Hewson) from the cult’s grasp.

After learning that the doomsday cult’s leader Margot (played by Mandy McElhinney) had kidnapped Andrew from Summer Bay while pretending to be his mother Esther, Justin and Cash visited the complex last week to speak with the group.

But they were unsuccessful since Andrew had already fallen victim to brainwashing once more; he declared that he was glad to be back with Vita Nova and that he didn’t want to go with Cash and Justin.

This week, Cash and Justin make the difficult decision to try again to compel Andrew to come back.

Justin is stopped by Leah, who warns him that “we know these people are capable of murder.”

She is referring to the real Esther, Andrew’s mother, who was murdered.

The taskforce has discovered Esther’s remains that were hidden in a suitcase at a storage facility, according to the most recent information Rose (Kirsty Marillier) provided Cash with at the conclusion of Thursday’s triple-bill. She has been deceased for at least ten years, according to DNA testing.

Cash notes that even though the cause of death hasn’t been established, “you don’t die of natural causes and end up in a suitcase.”

The following week, Justin infiltrates the Vita Nova grounds covertly in an effort to kidnap Andrew from there without the other members seeing.

In order to give Justin as much time as possible to slip in and save Andrew while the bad men are busy, Justin travels there with Cash, who has a plan to create a distraction at the main gate.

When Justin discovers Andrew in a storage cabinet, he begs him to keep silent. He’s out of luck, though, as Andrew is firmly in the gang’s grasp.

Justin warns Andrew that they are dangerous and that they need to go quickly.

But Andrew won’t have any of it; he has no plans to go.

“Go!” Andrew yells, then yells something that sounds like “Over here!” to alert the gang to Justin’s presence.

Then, two strong men attack Justin and beat him up. Later, gunfire knock Justin out and leave him lying on a camp bed.

Later, Justin begs Andrew once more. He tells Andrew, sounding frantic, “These people are never gonna let me go, you know that.”

Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who is back in Summer Bay, picks up a picture of her and Justin out of concern that her boyfriend has ventured into peril.

For all we know, he might already be deceased, she adds.

When will she next see him?

In a later image, several police cars are seen approaching the Vita Nova complex. Will they arrive in time to save Justin?

In the upcoming episode of Home and Away, Marilyn (Emily Symons) and her pals also find themselves in severe peril after a bomb is hidden within a Stunning Organics box.

A courier delivers a box bearing the now-familiar Stunning Organics insignia to the restaurant. It’s a change of venue because Irene’s house used to receive the ever-expanding collection of boxes.

Calling Maz to inform her of the delivery, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) says, “Hey Maz, a courier just dropped something for you at work.”

Kirby then places the box in the restaurant’s kitchen, and the subsequent image shows what we can only assume is its contents: a bomb!

A countdown appears and starts to go down as a light switches from red to green: one hour is left!

Later, with the foreboding delivery just a few metres away, Maz casually cleans plates at the restaurant.

The bomb’s timing currently reads 39 minutes while the clock continues to run.

It is unclear to which of the several forthcoming crimes Cash is talking when he says: “I wanna find who did this” later, after a shot of the bomb’s timer at 8 seconds.

Next, a long-lens camera is seen photographing Maz as she converses with Roo (Georgie Parker) on the beach.

Maz admits to Cash, “I never thought it would get to this.”

In a later scene of the advertisement, we see a van being driven. In their rearview mirror, the driver notices Mali’s (Kyle Shilling) campervan.

Who is the driver? It’s John Palmer (Shane Withington), if the episode synopsis for next Thursday is any indication.

The narrative claims that “John’s on the road to disaster”; if this is the case, how did unfortunate John come into possession of Marilyn’s lethal package?

Mali motions for John to stop as he exits his van and sprints over to the one with the package in the back.

He shouts, “Get out!” “Get out right now, move, move, move!”

The timer reaches zero as he races towards the van, and as a red light flashes, a tremendous explosion breaks out.

Mali is forced back by the explosion’s intensity as the van catches fire. Unknown is the driver’s fate!

The Lyrik members put their differences aside and compete for the $20,000 prize in the Battle of the Bands competition at the end of the following week.

Theo and Kirby (Matt Evans) split up in this week’s shows, and Mercedes (Amali Golden), a “rock chick” with classical violin training, joined the group.

Remi (Adam Rowland) thinks Mercedes is the band’s best chance of winning the Battle of the Bands contest, but Eden (Stephanie Panazzo) is not a fan, admitting that she once tried to snag Remi away to join another band and that ever since, she hasn’t trusted her.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is in grave danger after a dramatic turn of events, despite the trailer depicting the band being able to unite for the sake of the prize money.

As she cheers and calls out as her closest friends perform on stage, we witness her partying vivaciously.

Then, we observe a hand adding a tiny vial of liquid to what we think to be Felicity’s beverage.

Soon later, Felicity starts to stumble and her eyesight starts to blur.

The following image shows her at the top of a flight of steps struggling to maintain her equilibrium. Before she sinks to the ground, a closeup shot reveals her starting to lose control.

Who is responsible for spiking Felicity’s drink, and why?


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