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Summer Bay gets explosive storyline – who will not survive?

The newest permanent cast member of Home and Away—or is he permanent?—is Kyle Shilling.

Fans are asking that query when they watch the promos, which depict him being thrown into the air by the explosion that detonates this week in Summer Bay.

The 28-year-old Widjabul guy is the first Native actor to appear in the venerable soap opera.

He began surfing in Old Bar after growing up on the Mid-North Coast.

I try to up there as often as I can. While the majority of my family is in Tweed Heads, my grandparents live in Old Bar.

His experience in surfing has served him well in his role as Mali Hudson, who took over the surf store from Dean Thompson, a character who left the show.

“The ability of my character to perform things on television was influenced by the entire surf aspect. It seems a little strange when I am apparently teaching them how to surf because they are experts, but it is occasionally very funny because I have friends who work as extras on the show.

He felt some trepidation about joining the well-oiled cast and crew of Home and Away.

“Whenever you embark on something new, you experience anxiety. You are experimenting by seeing what you can say or do. Since this is my first time working on a screen, I wasn’t sure how much I could move.

“They are all very gorgeous, but it was all pretty shocking. Some have adopted me as one of their own. Even the crew is friendly.

Mali and Rose Delaney, a police officer played by Kirsty Marillier, have had a tumultuous relationship at times.

“From my perspective, it’s not really an emotion I haven’t experienced before. Being an Indigenous man, I frequently encounter police. It was beneficial for folks to have a sense of how that feels when I had the chance to depict it on screen. With my character, I’d love to go further.

“What’s been presented is a great place to start.”

Shilling used his prior knowledge for the explosive scenarios he performed.

“I’ve performed a few stunts. I spent almost an hour being flung around the stage in a harness during a physical theatre performance. And I’ve finished tumble.

But nothing has ever blown up in front of me.

“That completed my day’s labour. We had a fantastic squad that was all set to go. There were more members of the production team than usual, as well as the fire department, an ambulance, and paramedics who were prepared to help if anything went wrong.

Shilling is extremely agile because he has performed with Bangarra Dance Theatre.

I had one chance to prepare for the stunt since once the van is gone, it’s gone, but I missed the initial explosion.

Shilling had already submitted a few auditions for the well-known programme.

“In my opinion, there was some attempt to keep me on their payroll since they lacked the right position for me. I guess it’s third time lucky.

It stinks, but not! Even on the coldest days when I arrive, you pinch yourself. You never grow tired of looking at the ocean and the headlands as I do.

“It’s a fantastic work environment, but many people don’t have these kinds of venues nearby.

Does Shilling envision a career in Hollywood as many former cast members of “Home and Away” have?

“I want to give this everything I have. It’s a fantastic place to start. I would love to be able to say I am moving on to something significant when my time here is finished.

So, might we possibly see him with Chris Hemsworth?

Chris Hemsworth is excited to collaborate with me, Shilling jokes.


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