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Neighbours Spoilers – Mischa Barton character in Finn Kelly connection?

Fans are wondering if Mischa Barton’s character is connected to Finn Kelly after the first formal details of her Neighbours part were revealed.

The O.C. and Invitation to a Murder actress Mischa Barton was confirmed to be in the upcoming Neighbours reboot back in April.

She was described as Reece at the time, “an American new to Erinsborough who’s not quite who she appears to be.”

Now that Mischa has made her debut on the Neighbours set, the show has also revealed her surname, which might possibly establish a connection between her and former Neighbours villain Finn Kelly (Rob Mills).

Mischa is pictured holding the Ramsay Street sign at the famous Lassiters lake with Neighbours veterans Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) and Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) in four recently published images.

Reece’s last name was also disclosed in a post on the Neighbours’ official Instagram account on Monday:

Meet Mischa’s new neighbours!

Here is one of her very first photos taken on the set while playing Reece Sinclair, and we couldn’t be happier to have her staying with us for a bit.


She has a surname that, for those who are unfamiliar with it—which, we venture, is the great majority of fans—might just connect her to one of the series’ most recognisable villains, Finn Kelly.

That’s because Harry Sinclair (Paul Dawber), a figure who repeatedly appeared from 2017 and 2020, matches Reece’s last name. He was last spotted on March 24, 2020, during the scene where Finn passed away.

Before moving to Erinsborough, Finn and Elly Conway (Jodi Gordon) worked as teachers at the school where Harry was first introduced. When Susan phoned him in 2017 to address her worries about Elly and Finn, he first showed up. He was in love with Finn.

Harry moved to Erinsborough in 2019 and attempted to blame Finn for a number of sinister crimes, including injecting toxic gas into the community center’s air vents and concealing razor blades in fruit. Additionally, he acknowledged that he had supported Finn the year prior when he fled.

Harry landed on Pierce Greyson’s island in 2020, during the dramatic End Game episodes of Neighbours in which Finn Kelly eliminated or attempted to eliminate a number of favourites, while Ramsay Street residents were celebrating Elly’s birthday.

After Harry saw Finn drop Bea (Bonnie Anderson) into a mineshaft, Finn seduced him to keep him from telling anyone.

Later, while trying to flee the island, Harry held Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Paul (Stefan Dennis) at gunpoint. It wasn’t until Harry saw the island on fire that he understood the full scope of Finn’s deeds.

Fans of the show on the web site NeighboursFans are going into overdrive with curiosity after learning Mischa’s surname, wondering just how (and why!) the two could be connected.

The Neighbours production staff does have a soft spot for Finn Kelly, even though it’s entirely plausible that Mischa’s character Reece Sinclair has no connection to Harry and the programme is simply adopting the surname.

Long after his passing in March 2020, he remained to dominate plotlines because to Susan’s willingness to share her account for the contentious book “The Devil You Know: The Story of Finn Kelly” by Olivia Bell (Alyce Platt).

During the two “Endgame” episodes of the show that marked Neighbours’ 35th anniversary, Finn also made two posthumous ghostly cameos.

He appeared in the show’s closing scene on Ramsay Street during Susan’s speech when she mentioned “so many people that were lost, and then others… others who were just lost,” returning in March 2021 when Susan began to get glimpses of him.

Reece has already been shown to be a character “who’s not quite who she appears to be,” so this definitely fits the bill.

The entrance of a member of Harry’s family raises the possibility of a long-running Finn Kelly storyline.

Reece is expected to be connected to the Lassiters hotel, according to speculation.

An audition tape for a character with the last name Sinclair was recently found by NeighboursFans members, and it features interactions with Tina, a character who works at the Lassiter’s day spa.

The Sinclair figure, who is now assumed to be Mischa’s character Reece, asks Tina to research ten of her clients in the scenario.

Can you find out anything about the ten guests I give you if I give you their names?

What information? You must not want their allergies and bunions, am I right?

I want all you have. market analysis.

Oh. Okay. There is, well, a lot of personal information. particularly, their bunions.

Oh, don’t worry, everything will be kept private.

Who exactly is Reece looking to smear?

When asked about joining Neighbours back in April, Mischa expressed her excitement, saying: “I’m pleased to be part of this famous show’s next chapter, and I am particularly looking forward to being back in Australia, a place I know and love! Reece will make for a fantastic part for me to perform and explore, in my opinion.

The show’s executive producer, Jason Herbison, said: “We are beyond pleased to have an actor of Mischa’s calibre join us for the start of this exciting new chapter with Neighbours starting on Amazon Freevee in North America.

“Mischa’s character is unexpected and vibrant, and he or she will be immediately recognisable on Ramsay Street. Both domestic and international fans will adore her.


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