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Home and Away to reveal Tane Parata’s stalker in sinister scenes

On UK screens next week, Home and Away finally reveals the identity of Tane Parata’s stalker.

Tane (Ethan Browne) has been fighting for his life in the hospital after a chemical assault at the gym targeted him and put other Summer Bay residents in danger.


Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) had been the major suspect for several days, as she was accused of stalking Tane in the days leading up to the tragedy. The true storey will be revealed in next week’s Channel 5 shows.

Felicity confides in her friend Anne (Megan Smart) about an incriminating receipt discovered in her caravan in upcoming scenes.

The receipt was for pesticides, and the stalker had placed it there to make Felicity look responsible. Felicity was saved by her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), who destroyed the evidence.

When an anonymous internet troll cites the burned pesticides receipt in a public post, Felicity is perplexed.

When Felicity mentions this to Anne, one of the few people who was aware of the clue, she realises that her “friend” is the one who trailed Tane and then framed her.

Anne’s formerly pleasant demeanour abruptly turns as she taunts Felicity to prove it.

When Felicity demands an explanation for why Anne is torturing her, Anne responds smugly, taunting her about her current plight.

Felicity goes up to Cash and explains what Anne has been up to.

Cash warns that it’s too difficult to prove without concrete evidence and acknowledges that he still has some reservations about his sister’s version of events.

Felicity is saddened to learn that Cash does not believe her, and she feels more alone than she has in the past.

Later, the federal authorities investigating the gas attack conclude that they have enough evidence to raid Felicity’s home and arrest her for attempted murder.

The cops arrive at Felicity’s caravan, only to discover that she is nowhere to be found.

Cash is accused by Detective Nasser of assisting his sister in eluding arrest. Cash, on the other hand, has no idea where Felicity is and is very concerned.


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