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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Logan faces a career dilemma next week on Home and Away, as two patients dispute his judgement.

Meanwhile, Theo irritates Ryder by revealing a bombshell, and Mia and Ari are concerned about Chloe’s increasing attraction to Matthew.

Here’s a complete list of the 12 major events coming up.

1. Logan aggravates Marilyn’s situation

After Marilyn files a formal complaint against him at the hospital, Logan is irritated. Logan can’t help but approach Marilyn when he sees her at the Diner, despite Mac’s advice to keep his distance until the crisis passes.

Logan interrogates Marilyn to find out what her issue is, but she doubles down on her concerns, and their chat only serves to exacerbate the situation. When Mac learns that Logan harassed Marilyn, she becomes enraged, and the two have their first row as a couple.

2. Justin confronts Marilyn about her inappropriate behaviour

When Marilyn insists on moving in with him while Leah is in Cyprus, Justin has a difficult time. Marilyn has a feeling Justin doesn’t want her around, so she presses him to say it.

Justin resolves to offer Marilyn the honesty she so desperately craves, so he tells her how difficult she is to be around now that her behaviour has changed. Marilyn gets a wake-up call as she realises how her actions are harming others.


3. Dean is concerned that he will never be able to surf again

Dean is taken down to the water’s edge by Ziggy, who encourages him to attempt surfing once more. Dean is terrified of doing it and can’t force himself to do it.

Dean later agrees to return to the hospital for further scans to see whether he’s ready to surf again. Dean is pleased with his progress after an X-ray, but he is disappointed when Logan still cannot guarantee that he will be able to ride again.

4. Logan has doubts about himself

After she loses feeling in her legs again, Marilyn is rushed back to the hospital in an ambulance. Logan tries to examine her, but she screams for another doctor.

Dean is interested by Marilyn’s complaint that she is in this situation because of Logan’s fault. He recalls Tori suggesting a different treatment plan for him following the automobile accident, but Logan dismissed her.

Dean soon questions Logan’s decision and wonders if he would have been able to surf if Tori’s hunch had been correct. Logan begins to doubt his own ability as a doctor after two patients complain about him.

5. Marilyn makes contact with Alf

Marilyn’s problems are determined to be psychological by the hospital’s doctors, as she has no physical symptoms following the poisoning. Marilyn is released from the hospital, but she claims that there is a plot against her there.

Marilyn returns to the Bay and sends Alf a desperate message, telling him that she is terrified of what is happening to her.

6. Nikau is ecstatic to hear some excellent news

Nikau faces the surf lifesaving evaluation after days of training to see if he’s ready to take on the essential duty. When the pressure becomes too much for him, he runs away from the rest of the gang, but John persuades him to return.

When John subsequently declares that he passed the assessment with flying colours, Nikau gets some good news. While buying Nikau a beer, John attempts to get him to join his neighbourhood watch organisation.

7. Theo makes an unfavourable move

Theo and Ryder take their web videos to the next level by competing in a firewalking contest. Both of the males get hurt, but they appear more concerned with finding out who won the challenge.

After reviewing the tape, Justin considers Ryder the winner. Theo pulls the wind out of Ryder’s sails by revealing that he surreptitiously kissed Chloe after the chilli-eating challenge, while Ryder smugly celebrates.

8. Ryder breaks up with Theo

Justin chastises Theo for his actions around Ryder, pointing out how cruel it was for him to drop the bombshell in that manner.

Ryder also conveys his dissatisfaction by informing Theo that their online collaboration is over. Ryder points out that they were never friends in the first place, despite Theo’s claims.

9. Matthew tells Chloe the truth

By trying to spend time with Chloe, Matthew begins to make her feel uncomfortable. Finally, he reveals himself to be her long-lost father. Chloe doesn’t trust him at first, but when she tells Mia about it, she realises he’s speaking the truth.

Chloe becomes enraged and demands to know why Mia made it impossible for her to have a relationship with her father. Mia begs Chloe to trust her judgement and leave the matter alone, refusing to explain the horrific reason why.

10. Ari tries to scare Matthew away

Ari notices Matthew on the pier and goes down to join him with his fishing rod. Ari doesn’t reveal his true identity right away, but eventually reveals that he is Mia’s partner and that he wants him to leave the family alone.

Matthew is unapologetic, reminding Ari that Chloe is free to choose whether or not she wants him in her life. Mia is irritated when she learns that Ari spoke to Matthew, believing that he may have exacerbated the situation.

11. Chloe comes into contact with Matthew

Chloe is perplexed as to why Mia isn’t providing her with any appropriate responses regarding Matthew.

Chloe meets up with Matthew in the hopes of learning more about him, despite Mia’s warnings to stay away.

When Mia notices the two of them together, she tells Chloe that she does not want her to see Matthew again. Chloe is unconcerned, insisting that she will not miss out on the chance to meet her father.

12. Tane and Felicity’s intimacy elicits conflicting reactions

After their kidnapping ordeal, Tane and Felicity have grown closer. Cash is relieved that Felicity is confiding in Tane, as he senses his sister is in need of someone to talk to.

Mac is more concerned about the scenario, pressing Tane about if becoming serious with Felicity is a wise choice given her baggage. Tane informs Mac that it is none of her business what he does.


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