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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (April 18 to 22)

The emotional fallout from Ari’s death will continue next week on Home and Away.

In other news, Theo’s efforts to assist the Parata family backfire, and Cash may be regretting his decision to live with Jasmine.

Here’s a complete list of the 11 major events coming up.

1. The gesture made by Ryder and Theo backfires

Ryder and Theo give Chloe the memorial film they created in honour of Ari. She’s touched by the considerate gift and begins watching the sweet video over and over again.

When Ryder and Theo show Mia the video, she has a completely different reaction, calling it self-indulgent and insensitive.

Ryder and Theo are taken aback by how badly their efforts to help have backfired, but Justin points out that Mia will alter her mind after she has had time to digest her sadness.

2. Mia goes to the police station

Mia is looking for answers about Ari’s murder charge, which he was facing before he died. Ari put his own reputation on the line to protect her and Chloe, and she feels bad about it.

When Mia goes to the police station, she asks Cash about the latest developments in Matthew’s murder case. When Cash explains that it won’t go any further and Ari won’t be formally charged as a murderer after his death, she’s relieved.

3. In a dream, Ari reappears

When Mia learns that Ziggy, Dean, and John are preparing a fundraiser to help the Parata family recover from Ari’s death, she is angry.

Mia is certain that she does not want the Summer Bay community to donate and forbids them from doing so.

Later, Mia has a dream about Ari, and he appears to her for the last time, with actor Rob Kipa-Williams reprising the role.

Mia is advised by Ari to keep close friends and family, which makes her reconsider her initial attitude to the fundraising concept.

4. Chloe returns to work too quickly

Nikau gently pushes Chloe to return to work at the Diner, as the Parata family is having financial difficulties as a result of Ari’s burial expenditures. She agrees, but she is concerned that it is too soon.

At work, Chloe puts on a strong face, but her willpower eventually breaks her, and she leaves her job.

5. Felicity is concerned about Tane’s ambitions

Following the death of his older brother, Tane turns to the future. He acknowledges that all he sees when he looks ahead is Felicity.

Tane’s admission initially flatters Felicity, but her commitment worries quickly appear.

Felicity confides in Irene that she’s not sure if she can be a solid long-term love interest for Tane. Irene urges that Felicity inform Tane if she truly feels this way.

6. Logan invites Ryder to spy on him

Logan tries to console Mackenzie about her loss of Ari, but she argues that all she wants is solitude.

Logan begs Ryder to keep an eye on Mac during his latest shift at Salt because he can’t stop worrying.

When Mac later overhears Logan and Ryder conversing quietly, she realises what they’re up to and confronts them both for spying on her.

7. Mac has doubts about her affections for Ari

The constant mentions of Ari in Summer Bay begin to wear Mac down, and she laments the fact that she didn’t have closure on their relationship before he died. She tells Ziggy about how she thinks she was still in love with Ari.

Dean helps Mac to say her goodbyes to Ari in her own way. She ponders this while speaking to her late ex-boyfriend on the beach.

Logan, who had grown concerned about Mac’s behaviour, is relieved when she verifies that she has finally found closure.

8. Justin develops an interest in Dimitri

While Justin is happy to be spending more time with Theo while Leah is away, he can’t help but think about Theo’s strained relationship with his father Dimitri.

Justin politely asks for more information about what went wrong, but Theo refuses to answer since he doesn’t want to talk about his abusive father.

Because Justin is uninformed of Theo’s horrific past, he is perplexed as to why Theo refuses to let him in.

9. Cash is uncomfortable in his new house

After moving in with Jasmine at Irene’s, Cash is having trouble settling into his new home. Irene sees him half-naked in the kitchen in the middle of the night, which is the final straw.

Irene quickly reassures Jasmine that she’s seen it all before and that a half-dressed man doesn’t bother her, but convincing Cash is difficult. Jasmine can’t help but wonder whether her lover is reconsidering his decision to move in.

10. Roo must make a difficult choice

Alf decides to pay a visit to Martha in Merimbula and invites Roo to accompany him. Roo is undecided about this because she still can’t accept her mother’s rejection of her transplant offer.

Alf agrees to respect Roo’s decision, but how will he react if she insists on not going?

11. John provides food for thought for Roo

Roo confides in John about her conflicted sentiments in the aftermath of Martha’s transplant choice.

Roo expects John to support her, but he points out that he would never take an organ from his child if he thought it may put them in danger in the future. Will Roo begin to soften her stance?


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