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She’s doing just fine, apparently! Home and Away’s Sam Frost shares a kiss with boyfriend Jay Bruno as they enjoy an outing at a Sydney park – following her anti-vax controversy

After receiving blowback for her anti-vaxxer statements, Sam Frost cancelled her Instagram account.

And it appears that she has moved on from the contentious event, as she enjoyed an excursion in a Sydney park on Sunday.

The 32-year-old was spotted exercising with her new lover, Jay Bruno.

Her slim form was highlighted with a black and white patterned crop top and black tights.

Jay, who appeared in Seven’s Instant Hotel, wore a loose white T-shirt with grey shorts for a laid-back vibe.

As he performed various routines, the two looked to be having a lively chat.

Jay demonstrated several pull-up, push-up, and seated rowing techniques to Sam.


He warmly held her hand as the two enjoyed their provocative banter.

They exchanged a passionate kiss when things got a little hot between them.

Sam was visibly delighted when Jay removed his shirt to expose his washboard abs.

Before she placed her arms around him, they got closer to one other.

Sam was approached by a beautiful puppy who she played with while waiting for her lover while doing push-ups.

Later, a fan approached Sam, asking for a photo and a discussion, which she gladly agreed to.

Following their workout, the two packed up their belongings and returned home.

The couple’s appearance comes following Sam’s infamous anti-vax video outburst, which she just revived on Instagram.

She went dark and deactivated her Instagram account earlier this month, however she was seen in an Instagram storey shared by her co-star Harley Bonner.

‘How is Sam Frost?’ said an interested fan.

He responded with a witty remark. ‘See for yourself!’ he said as he moved the camera towards Sam.

Sam cancelled her Instagram account earlier this month, soon after disclosing in a tearful video that she was unvaccinated and that her mental health had suffered as a consequence of others”judging’ her.


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