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Rove McManus’ actress wife Tasma Walton reveals that the couple are raising their daughter, Ruby, eight, to be free from gender stereotypes

Tasma Walton and Rove McManus explained that their newborn daughter is growing up free of gender stereotypes.

The 48-year-old actress shares 8-year-old Ruby with 48-year-old comedian Rove McManus.

The 13-year-married couple avoids ‘boy and girl’ clichés.

Tasma said a classmate informed Ruby blue was a ‘boy’s colour,’ sparking the idea.

We tell our daughter, ‘That’s ridiculous. Colors are shared. She answered, “Any colour is fine.”

‘Those dialogues should include parents of young boys,’ Tasma noted.

The actress said she doesn’t restrict her daughter’s toys or activities.

‘It’s a difficult line to tread between accepting society’s ‘guidelines’ and giving her the guts and thrill to know she’s not bound by them,’ she said.

As long as your decisions don’t injure others or other living things, you can do and be anything.

Rove and his Geraldtown-born TV star wife married in 2009 and have one child.

His weekly evening chat show Rove Live on Network Ten is well-known.

The programme lasted from 1999-2009 when he moved to the US to present Rove LA on Fox8 from 2011-2012.

He’s been on The Project.

After renovating their $6.4million estate in Sydney’s Bronte, the couple bought a $2million home in Perth in 2020.


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