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Relatable ‘mum’ moment for former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie sparks huge response from celebs and fans on Instagram

Celebs and fans alike weighed in to express how ‘the struggle was real’.

It was supposed to be a carefree day spent strolling in the bush with her young daughter.

Mother’s Day did not turn out as planned for Kate Ritchie, a former star of Home and Away.

When Ritchie posted a candid video of her weekend effort at a family hike to her Instagram page, both celebrities and fans expressed their outrage.

The television and radio personality simply captioned her image, “Bush walking with kids.”

The struggle is real, declared many who watched after clicking over to do so.

Ritchie didn’t go into detail about what had transpired, but it was evident from the video that she and her daughter Mae, 8, had gone bush trekking when Mae balked at going any further.

In the video, Ritchie can be heard begging with her daughter while sounding clearly frustrated.

We’re almost there, Mae,” the star said.

Her daughter, who was seated on the side of a flight of stairs, appeared to respond, “I can’t, I just need a little rest, please.”

We’re almost there,” a gasping Ritchie continued. “Go ahead!”

Ritchie continued to beg but received no reaction from her daughter.

“Let’s go! Let’s go! You are capable of doing it.

Mae was dissatisfied and replied, “Please, my legs are killing me.”

Ritchie’s relatable mother moment certainly struck a chord with both fans and other celebrities, as many of them commented with their opinions about Ritchie.

Home and Away actress Emily Symons said, “Closely followed by ‘this is boring’ and’my legs hurt’.”

TV host Lisa Wilkinson continued, “Think that one is a metaphor for motherhood in general.” Happy Mother’s Day to you, great mother, and I hope things got better after that.

One supporter only stated, “The fight is real.

Another frustrated dad chimed up, “Story of my life.” Literally, “that could be my video.”

Putting aside the relatable mom moments, Ritchie, 44, said in a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph how Mae has given her “purpose” and “strength”.

She is one of the very few people who accepts me for who I am. Nothing more or less,” she reportedly told the newspaper.

“I am just her mother, and she adores me for it.

Actually, if I’m being completely honest, as she gets older, she’s also teaching me that I deserve


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