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Luke Mitchell Is Playing a God on ‘Legacies’ — Does He Have a Goddess in Real Life?

It was just a matter of time until Legacies’ almost Biblical stories took on god-like proportions. When vampires, witches, and werewolves band together to battle monsters, demons, and even each other, they need a much greater reason to stay on the same side.

Season 4 has introduced a pantheon of gods, one of whom is played by actor Luke Mitchell, to change things up at the Salvatore School. Fans are questioning if this god has his own goddess, based on his appearance. What is the name of Luke Mitchell’s wife? Fans of the programme will undoubtedly recognise her.

Who is Luke Mitchell’s wife?

For the past nine years, Luke has been married to actress Rebecca Breeds. Rebecca’s vampiric name, Aurora de Martel, will be familiar to fans of The Originals and Legacies. That’s correct, the vampire who was first conceived by Rebekah (Claire Holt) and tortured by Klaus (Joseph Morgan) now dating Luke Mitchell, who will join Legacies in Season 4.

Luke and Rebecca both began their acting careers in their native Australia. Despite the fact that they met on the set of the iconic Australian serial drama Home and Away, they originally met at a party in 2009, just before filming for Luke, who joined the show after Rebecca, began. Rebecca gushed to New Idea, saying, “I had the impression that I already knew him. We received the distinct impression that we had shared another life.”

It’s so obvious that they’re in love in their wedding video that it could make you angry if it wasn’t so lovely and genuine. They each drafted their own vows, which they read to one other in front of roughly 70 friends and family members at a small ceremony. Rebecca claims to have the “gift of genuinely knowing and completely loving” Luke during hers. She goes on to say, “You have my admiration. I’m smitten with you. And I have complete faith in you.”

Luke reacts with some of his own heartfelt sentiments. He tells Rebecca, “I’ve loved you from the first time we met.” He also says one of the sweetest words ever: “I enjoy sitting motionless with you,” he says, his eyes welling up with tears. This wedding also has it all: vows said in front of a beautiful rock formation in the woods, Rebecca riding a horse, and a kiss on the edge of a cliff. It’s simply enchanting.

The couple currently spends part of their time in Australia and has no children. We wanted to add that they don’t have any human offspring. They have a dog named Alfie who is a favourite of theirs.


Rebecca Breeds isn’t your average vampire

While Aurora’s fame cannot be contested, Rebecca is forging her own legacy outside of Legacies. She secured a role in the one-season sitcom We Are Men, which also starred Tony Shaloub and Jerry O’Connell, after leaving Home and Away in 2012. She first stepped into the unhinged shoes of Aurora de Martel in The Originals in 2015, where she stayed for 14 episodes.

Rebecca was cast in the Pretty Little Liars revival, which ended in 2017, while she was still on The Originals. Clarice Starling in the regrettably cancelled Clarice TV series would be her next major break, and maybe the most crucial. That show’s early demise was quite disappointing. While reviewers couldn’t seem to get behind it, the audience gave it a solid 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. In Legacies, Rebecca reprises her role as Aurora, and the storyline is rather interesting. Let’s hope she gets a chance to stay.


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