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Jodi Gordon is under investigation over claims she assaulted her investment banker boyfriend with a bottle of wine – leading police to take out restraining orders against them both

According to court documents, actress Jodi Gordon is accused of attacking her investment banker lover with a bottle of wine.

Following reports of an incident between the former Neighbours and Home and Away star and her partner Sebastian Blackler, NSW Police were called to a bed and breakfast in Kurrajong Heights, north-west of Sydney, on Sunday morning.

Mr. Blackler was detained but eventually released without being charged.

Investigators reportedly asked the 31-year-old why he had bruising and swelling around his left eye before he said his 37-year-old girlfriend ‘struck him with a wine bottle,’ according to court documents.

He did not, however, issue a formal declaration.

Investigators discovered Gordon with bruising to her left eye and bottom lip, as well as three lumps on her forehead, according to the AVO records obtained by The Australian newspaper. Her injuries seemed to be days old.

According to the records, Gordon was ‘much affected by intoxicating liquor’ and told officers she ‘fell against the counter.’


Police ‘suspect domestic attacks are occurring between the parties, with Gordon’s ingestion of intoxicating liquor increasing the aggression,’ according to court documents.

‘There is certainly domestic violence between the parties,’ they claimed, ‘but they are reluctant to reveal how the injuries were sustained.’

On behalf of Mr Blackler, officers obtained a restraining order against Gordon on Sunday morning.

Mr Blackler, a portfolio manager at a Sydney-based wealth management firm, was also handed an AVO in connection with the same alleged incident.

When approached by Daily Mail Australia, police refused to give a statement.

The former couple split up in May 2021, but it’s been reported that they resumed their romance in February.

According to the court orders, the two must not assault, threaten, stalk, harass, or intimidate each other.

They are also forbidden from intentionally or recklessly destroying or damaging another person’s property or harming an animal that belongs to them.

Ms Gordon’s injunction further states that she must not be in Mr Blackler’s company for at least 12 hours after using alcohol or illegal drugs.

On April 21, Ms Gordon, 37, and Mr Blackler, 31, will appear in Windsor Local Court. Ms Gordon and Mr Blackler have been approached by the Daily Mail Australia for comment.

This isn’t the first time Ms Gordon’s AVO has been issued on Mr Blackler’s behalf.

Ms Gordon’s Double Bay residence in Sydney’s eastern suburbs was raided by police on November 27, 2020, following reports of a domestic violence incident.

Officers then obtained an interim AVO to prevent Mr Blackler from attacking, stalking, harassing, or frightening Ms Gordon.

A court order was imposed the following month prohibiting Mr Blackler from attacking, threatening, stalking, harassing, or intimidating Ms Gordon.

The order was set to expire in 2021.

Ms Gordon and her ex-husband, former NRL star Braith Anasta, have a daughter Aleeia, who she played Martha MacKenzie on Home and Away from 2005 to 2010.

The former couple married in 2012, had a daughter in 2014, and divorced the following year.


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