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Inside Kawakawa Fox-Reo’s low-key romance with Chantal Millar

While Nikau Parata’s love life on Home and Away is now in shambles, Reo’s relationship in the real world is everything but.

Fans of the long-running Channel Seven drama have been watching Nikau’s romance with Bella Nixon unravel, but they’ll be relieved to learn that Kawakawa has fared considerably better in real life.

On social media, he’s kept his relationship with girlfriend Chantal Millar very quiet, but what we do know thus far indicates that the two are still madly in love.

Indeed, based on Chantal’s Instagram, the two enjoy a lively and happy relationship, complete with lovely couple photos and plenty of beach trips.

Chantal released a series of beautiful photographs of the couple on Kawakawa’s birthday last November, offering followers a look inside their relationship.

She simply captioned the photo, “HBD to my mans.”

The photographs included shots of the pair at the beach, at the pool, in the city, and even some simple selfies snapped in the vehicle.


It’s unknown when the two started dating, although Chantal’s first photo of them together was from September 2020, over a year ago.

She captioned the photo, “Sunday funday with Nikau Parata.”

Kawakawa’s first official Instagram post with Chantal came less than a week ago, when he uploaded a few images and a video of the two together as they got engaged with The Kids Foundation.

“We wanted to highlight how difficult things are in the world right now,” Kawakawa explained.

The two appeared unified as they ‘raised their hands up’ to raise awareness for youngsters who need aid in the video, and they conveyed their love to everyone who is suffering from the epidemic and the catastrophe in Afghanistan.

The 22-year-old captioned the photo, “?? up 4 Detroit  ?#putyourhandsup @thekidsfoundation ❤️❤️”

Chantal, like Kawakawa, is from New Zealand and presently resides in Australia. The 21-year-old loves travelling to the beach, making memories with her friends, and generally having fun whenever she can.

She’s even managed to enlist Kawakawa’s help, and it’s all because to a particular spooky anime.

“I got him hooked on the only programme I watch,” she explained, alluding to The Vampire Diaries, which was playing in the background.

We can’t wait to see their young love develop because she is certainly a great admirer of the actor.


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