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Impulsive decisions, hidden trauma and disastrous dinners: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

Martha (Belinda Giblin) is beginning to lose hope for herself this week on Home and Away, as she hires a priest to assist her with funeral arrangements and begins looking for caskets to be buried in. When Roo (Georgie Parker) comes in with excellent news – she’s a match to donate a kidney – Alf (Ray Meagher) has a hard time dealing with the tone of the talk. Martha, on the other hand, isn’t as excited as everyone had thought, and it isn’t long before she surprises the family with yet another surprise.

Meanwhile, due to a personnel shortage, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is patrolling the beach alone on his second shift when he notices a jogger collapse in front of him. His lifeguard training kicks in and he saves the man’s life, but when he finds out that his instructor, John (Shane Withington), was standing on the sidelines watching without intervening, he loses faith in his mentor and abandons his new job before it ever begins.

In other news, Chloe (Sam Barrett) is desperate for her parents to get along, so she tells Mia (Anna Samson) and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) that she’s invited Matthew (James Sweeny) home for dinner. Mia panics, but decides to activate the charm for the sake of her daughter — at least until the topic of conversation at dinner turns to how the two met. Mia loses her composure and goes away, leaving Chloe even more perplexed. Why is it that her mother despises Matthew so much?

Here’s what’s on the horizon for Home and Away starting Monday, February 21.

By shopping for caskets and inviting a priest into the house, Martha disturbs Alf

Alf and Roo had been waiting for the results of a transplant match test to see if she or Kieran are compatible enough to donate a kidney to Martha. Martha, on the other hand, has other plans while they wait for the call, as she has scheduled an appointment with a priest. She tells Alf that they need to confront reality and accept the possibility that she won’t make it, but Alf refuses to talk about it. Martha, on the other hand, is determined to settle her affairs and forces her husband to discuss her burial plans while she peruses a casket catalogue. Is Alf up to the challenge?

Dean’s favourite surfboard is a source of contention between Ziggy and Theo

Mackenzie reminds Theo and Ryder that their prank channel is missing in female viewers, and they try to come up with a fresh approach to attract viewers. However, they are at a loss for ideas, so Justin tries to divert Theo’s attention by introducing him to a new hobby: surfing. He gives Theo his first ever surfboard, which makes Theo very happy. Meanwhile, Ziggy is on the lookout for Dean’s favourite surfboard, but it has been sold. She’s overjoyed to find it in the garage, but she’s taken aback when Theo claims it’s his. She offers to pay him for it since she wants to give it back to Dean, but Theo refuses. Who will emerge victorious?

Mackenzie takes a hasty judgement concerning her love

Logan is preoccupied by the impending tribunal that Marilyn has set up against him, so he begins to focus on Dean to divert his attention away from it, assisting him in the ocean as he tries to get back on his feet. Even if she is missing out on meaningful time with her brother, Mackenzie is amused that her boyfriend is taking the effort to get to know him. The day of the tribunal is uncomfortable because Logan’s presence isn’t required and he’s at a loss, but when he finally receives the call he’s been waiting for, Dean casually wonders why the two haven’t yet moved in together. When Logan hangs up the phone, Mac invites him to move in with her on the spur of the moment, but will he say yes?

Nikau is enraged when John refuses to assist him in saving a man’s life

Nikau is on his second shift when John informs him that due to a manpower shortage, he will have to conduct a patrol alone. Nikau is apprehensive to be alone so soon, but John assures him that he will be there if he needs him. Nikau is working on the beach while Bella snaps photos, when a jogger collapses in front of them, prompting Nikau to do CPR. While John and Bella watch, his lifeguard training comes into play as he saves the man’s life. However, later, while looking over Bella’s images of the incident, Nikau notices that John was standing behind him the entire time. He is enraged that his mentor did not intervene to assist him, and he walks out, abandoning the remainder of his shift.

During a psychological evaluation, Roo uncovers secret trauma

When Roo learns she’s a match for donating a kidney to her mother, she’s ecstatic, but Alf is unsure about the truth of it all. He wants to make sure Roo gets a thorough examination first, but Roo reminds him that she must do so anyhow. Roo is taken aback when she is asked some difficult questions regarding her relationship with her mother at her psychologist visit. She tries to ignore it and concentrate on helping her mother, but the issue escalates when she is forced to realise that she has already lost her mother and cannot bear losing her again. She realises that her entire existence has been defined by the loss of her mother when she was a child, and the circumstance becomes too much for her…

As she spirals, Jasmine discovers Felicity drinking with different men

It’s time for Cash to return home for his father’s annual memorial, but Felicity, as usual, refuses to accompany him. When Felicity makes it plain that all she wants to do is party, Jasmine stays to watch after her boyfriend’s sister, and she quickly realises the immensity of the responsibility. When Jasmine needs a break at the gym, Tane tries to keep an eye on her for a while, but Felicity quickly flees. Later, Jasmine locates her, but is astonished to see her in a car park with a group of odd males and a lot of drink. She drags Felicity away, and Cash’s sister responds with venomous comments that leave Jasmine speechless.

Marilyn realises she’ll need some time away from the Bay in order to acclimatise to her new life

Marilyn has struggled with her new personality since coming up from an induced coma in the hospital, as it has caused her to be far more direct than usual, alienating her acquaintances. In the Diner, she tries to be there for Roo when she comes in shaken after seeing a psychologist, but when she says she’s not sure about giving Martha a kidney anymore, Marilyn tells her she needs to make a decision soon because her mother is dying. Marilyn realises she needs to make some changes after Roo is stunned and goes away. She tells Alf she’s going to visit Raffy and Jett for a while so she can think things over before she loses everyone she loves about.

Chloe asks Matthew to dinner, which turns out to be a disaster

Mia has been having a difficult time recently, as Chloe’s biological father Matthew has arrived in the Bay, eager to see his daughter. Ari, on the other hand, can’t control himself around the man and punches him, escalating the tension. Chloe, unaware of the real reason Mia despises Matthew, decides to try to bring everyone together by inviting Matthew to supper at her house. Mia and Ari are taken aback by the news, and Mia hides in her room, panicking, before deciding to turn on the charm for Chloe’s sake.

When Matthew arrives and the topic turns to how he met Mia over dinner, the discussion rapidly becomes heated, and Mia walks out from the table, leaving Chloe even more perplexed than before.


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