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How Cameron Daddo and Alison Brahe made their marriage last through 30 years of highs and lows after meeting by chance

Cameron Daddo’s appeal has stood the test of time, whether you fell in love with him as the host of popular dating show Perfect Match or as a newfound fan after his tenure on Home And Away.

However, the Logie Award-winning actor credits his long-running career to his ultimate hidden weapon, model Alison Brahe, his wife of nearly 30 years and a well-known celebrity in her own right.

Back in the 1990s, they were the ideal Australian ‘It Couple,’ and their whirlwind romance reads like something out of a rom-com.

At 1991, they had their first tragic encounter while riding an escalator in a shopping mall.

The two, who were both up-and-coming stars at the time, understood exactly who the other was and the chemistry was instantaneous.

They were eventually introduced by a mutual acquaintance, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Cameron proposed after only three months of dating, and the couple married in 1992.

“He was just really laid-back, nice, and silly.” He used to make cheesy dad jokes before he was even a father.

Alison has said about her spouse, “I kind of felt like he was the one for me before I met him.”

They moved to Los Angeles shortly after being married so Cameron could continue his acting career.

Because of the arduous nature of the entertainment industry, money was often scarce.

In 2017, the father-of-three told the No Filter podcast that “it got pretty tense for a while on multiple occasions.”

Then something would happen, and you’d forget there was a time when we only had $100 in the bank because everything was fine today.”

The pair, who have been married for 30 years, are now living happily in Sydney’s Northern Beaches with their three children, Lotus, 25, Bodhi, 15, and River, 21.

Despite their seemingly idyllic lives, the A-list pair has had their share of difficulties over the years.

Cameron stated in early 2019 that he was unfaithful to his wife while working in the United States in 1994.

“When it came to conquering my mistakes, I was the one who left the marriage,” the Australian actor revealed. “The best policy was honesty.”

After seeking marriage counselling, the couple was able to rebuild their connection and grow even closer as a couple.

Cameron says he’s all about romantic gestures when it comes to keeping the spark alive. “I find it quite enticing when someone asks you a question and truly listens,” he remarked.

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Returning to the beginning: In 1992, actor Cameron Daddo married model Alison. Alison reflected on the day, saying, “A whirl of Summer heat, excitement, and wild love.”

“The priest mispronounced your name, and I was on the verge of marrying ‘David Daddo.'” But through it all, the highs and lows, the blunders and lessons, you were the right guy.”

Their paths first crossed on an escalator at a Sydney shopping mall, like something out of a romantic comedy. Cameron had a strong attraction to the Dolly cover model, and one of their common acquaintances eventually arranged for them to meet.

A whirlwind romance: The superstar pair got engaged after only three months of dating. Cameron was 25 years old, and Alison was 21 years old.

Shortly after their wedding, the couple moved to Los Angeles in the aim of advancing their careers.

In 2003, Cameron and Alison attended the Los Angeles premiere of Good Boy! with their children River and Lotus.

“We thought we were very clever snapping a picture of ourselves back in the 1990s,” Cameron, 55, said with this throwback with his wife.

Despite their seemingly idyllic lives, the celebrity pair has had their share of difficulties over the years.

The actor admitted to being unfaithful to his wife early in their marriage while he was in the US in a touching essay for parenting website The Father Hood, but they were able to work it out.

“I was the one who ended the relationship.” I didn’t want to be there when I behaved out in that manner. There were reasons why I ended up there.

Cameron explained, “A lot of it was booze and being alone, feeling incredibly lonely, and being physically oceans away from my spouse.”

The couple went to marriage counselling and were able to save their marriage.


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