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Home & Away’s Todd Lasance makes an epic return to TV in NCIS

Todd Lasance, who recently landed a job on NCIS: Sydney, has gone a long way from being a teenage runaway in Summer Bay to becoming an official member of the Australian Federal Police.

The 38-year-old is playing a major TV role in his native country for the first time, and Todd is ecstatic about the whole experience.

Todd tells New Idea, “This was one of those rare productions where we essentially became family.”

“I don’t believe I’ve ever gone through a series so swiftly.

“I know it came across on the screen, but there was a lot of gratitude to be working together.”

The fifth season of the series, NCIS: Sydney, is the first to be shot outside of the United States.

As Serjeant Jim Dempsey, Todd portrays a genuine rural lad who is “driven, funny, and self-effacing.”


A number of new actors are included in the cast, including William McInnes.

Todd thinks that the action-packed show will provide huge things for viewers. The actors even had the opportunity to film besides the Australian Navy’s magnificent warships and helicopters.

Todd declares, “The team is going big.”

“It’s an intense fusion of vintage NCIS components, infused with a perceptive, witty, and intelligent Australian sensibility.”

On November 10, NCIS Sydney will make its Paramount Plus debut.


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