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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos in huge blunder at Justin Morgan’s trial

Could Justin’s life be ruined by this?


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Theo Poulos, who plays Theo on Home and Away, believes Justin Morgan’s prospects of escaping jail time next week on UK television are gone.

One of the most important witnesses in Justin’s GBH trial, Theo falters when questioned by the prosecution.

After his deceptive daughter Ava Gilbert made up the story that she was taken hostage by Justin, he recently unleashed a brutal attack on a total stranger named Conor.

Ava was compelled to explain that she had made up the narrative to get Theo’s attention before Justin was arrested for his violent behaviour.

Theo appears in court and makes an effort to protect Justin when giving testimony in the Channel 5 programmes airing the following week.

Sadly, Theo quickly leaves the courtroom stunned and admits that his witness evidence was a complete failure.

Theo unintentionally supported the prosecution’s claim that Ava had a history of dishonesty while being questioned by them. This enables the prosecution to argue that Justin wasn’t supposed to fall for her lies.

It had earlier been suggested to Justin to refrain from testifying personally since the stress of being cross-examined would be more detrimental than helpful.

However, after hearing how poorly things turned out for Theo, he begins to feel as though he doesn’t have much to lose and that taking the chance would be worthwhile.

Again, Justin’s attorney cautions against doing this since there is too much chance that he may implicate himself.

Alf Stewart saves the day by offering to testify as a character witness for Justin. He is convinced that Justin’s favourable treatment by the court may be influenced by his prominent position in the neighbourhood.

Is Justin likely to spend years in prison or may things still go his way?


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