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Home and Away’s Theo devastates Ryder in 26 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, February 7.

Monday, February 7:

Dean is in excruciating pain. He collapsed when he tried to get back on his surfboard with a practise run at home.

Ziggy returns home. She is concerned to see Dean in such a depressed state.

Dean is reassured by Ziggy. She still believes he should attempt surfing on the sea, where the circumstances will be more challenging than at home.

Tuesday, February 8:

Marilyn’s health is once again a source of concern. She loses sensation in her legs once more.

Irene is concerned. She is unhappy because of a close buddy.

Marilyn is in for a pleasant surprise at the hospital. The poisoning’s negative effects, according to the physicians, are all psychological.


Wednesday, February 9:

The lads have been up to no good with their online challenges again, so Cash invites Ryder and Theo back to the Morgan mansion.

All of this is explained by Cash. Ryder and Theo took part in a risky fire-walking competition.

Ryder and Theo are in excruciating anguish. Both of them are hurt.

Ryder and Theo appear to be unconcerned about their own well-being. They care more about who won the task.

Justin comes to a conclusion. He declares Ryder the winner after examining the film.

Ryder is arrogant. In yet another online update, he expresses his joy at his victory.

Theo isn’t amused at all. He devolves into a bitter loser.

Theo adds a personal touch to everything he does. He informs Ryder that after the chilli-eating challenge, he kissed Chloe.

Ryder is irritated. He had no idea Chloe was moving on in such a way.

Justin is present during the altercation. He has pity for Ryder.

Justin tells Theo the truth about himself. He isn’t impressed by Theo’s actions.

Theo is grumpy. Will he realise that he made a mistake?

Thursday, February 10:

Theo is still recovering from his injuries. He’s depressed as a result of yesterday night’s events.

Justin is still sabotaging Theo’s career. He maintains that Theo treated Ryder unfairly last night.

Theo raises his voice in protest. He makes an attempt to defend himself.

Ryder has arrived. He’s eager to meet Theo.

Ryder establishes the ground rules. He claims Theo was never his friend and that their online relationship is over.

Friday, February 11:

Chloe is aware of the truth. Matthew has informed her that he is her biological father.

Chloe is looking for answers. Mia is hesitant to divulge much information, so Chloe contacts Matthew.

Matthew feels grateful that Chloe is willing to give him a chance. Is it only a matter of time till Chloe learns the whole truth?


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