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Home and Away’s Tammin Sursok reveals ‘unsettling’ family heartache

Tammin Sursok has spoken out about being separated from her children while filming in Melbourne, just over a week after it was formally revealed that she would be joining the cast of Neighbours.

The former Home and Away star, who recently migrated from Queensland for a cameo role in Channel Ten’s long-running serial show, shared her heartbreak on Instagram over the weekend.

She captioned a selfie with her two daughters Phoenix, 8, and Lennon, 2, with, “I haven’t been away from my children for more than three days in eight years.”

“I’ve always been able to figure it out and have them on board.” That has a lot to do with my understanding husband, who can run his business from wherever. “Until now,” she says.

The actress went on to note that she knew she’d have to travel for work in the entertainment industry at some point, which she describes as “both unnerving and fascinating.”

“I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to work and be on set as often as I have.” It’s also crucial that I do what’s best for my children as they get older. “And that means they’ll have to go to a different state for education,” she stated.

“As a result, I’m going to stay here and work for the next three weeks” (I will see them on the weekends when I fly up). And I’ll be counting down the minutes till I see them again.

“My heart feels like it’s outside of my body, and I won’t be entire until we’re back together.” If you’ve ever cared for a child, you’ll understand how I feel. I’m doing everything for them, and I’ll never forget the days when I worked so hard for their future.”

Tammin’s touching tweet drew a flood of sympathetic comments from her fans, who sympathised with her and expressed their love.

“It’s a dreadful feeling,” actress Christie Hayes responded, adding that she experienced something similar when filming Neighbours in 2019 with her sons in NSW.

“There will be anxiety and worry, sadness at being apart, and even loneliness, but take this opportunity to enjoy what you love and are so good at.”

“It was a difficult decision, but you made the best option for kids and your family,” Sophie Bloom, another Home and Away star, added. “I hope you all have a smooth transition and are back together before you know it.”


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