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Home and Away’s real-life couple Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman share challenges of romantic scenes

Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni of Home and Away have had a difficult year, but they’re happy to say that they’re finishing 2021 in a better place as a relationship.

When spending months apart following a terrible breakup earlier this year, the two were reunited after Dean was involved in a vehicle accident that left him with life-changing injuries, and his rehabilitation has thrown them even more hurdles.

The actors who play Dean and Ziggy, Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman, have confessed that it may be difficult to play their moments together because they’re actually a couple in real life and extremely different from their characters.

Sophie told TV Week, “It’s truly incredibly hard work.” “Being able to make Paddy’s and my characters’ instincts appear natural when they aren’t our own is a fun task.”

Thankfully, the actors don’t bring their fake relationship troubles home with them, with Sophie describing their Sydney home as a “haven” after a hard day of filming.

The actress also commended the cast and crew of Home and Away for continuing to work despite the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, stating she is happy of everything they have accomplished this year.

“We were hoping to start this year and leave 2020 behind, but that didn’t happen,” she explained. “We’ve all had to adapt and modify, even the stories, but it’s a true credit to our team’s ability to work together. It’s been a difficult year, but one that I’m quite pleased of.”


Patrick also said that filming Dean’s spectacular vehicle wreck was one of the highlights of his year at work.

He said, “It’s been a huge year!” “I had a lot of fun acting out the automobile accident scenarios. It was an amazing shoot to be a part of, and seeing the car go flipped from behind the scenes was spectacular.”

It’s unclear if Dean and Ziggy will have a better time as a couple in 2022, but things in Summer Bay never stay still for long…


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