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Home and Away’s Mia Anderson makes final decision on Summer Bay future

Mia Anderson of Home and Away will make a major decision regarding her future in Summer Bay in forthcoming scenes, as she decides where she wants to call home.

Mia (Anna Samson) has been dealing with her grief since the sudden sad loss of her husband Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams), and has already made arrangements to leave Summer Bay, feeling unable to stay in a place that has so many memories.

Her daughter Chloe Anderson, on the other hand, is adamant about staying put, and Mia, believing that the two should stick together as they always have, has decided to stay put for the time being.

However, according to TV Week, Mia reconsiders her decision in scenes airing this week in Australia and in a few weeks in the UK, and she makes her ultimate decision – she is leaving town, despite the fact that it is a difficult decision to make.

Emotions are running high in the Parata household, with the entire family upset at the possibility of Mia leaving, but everyone, including Chloe, understands why she feels the need for a fresh start.

“Ari was her mother’s soulmate and, in a lot of ways, the glue that held their family together,” said Sam Barrett, who plays Chloe.

After first resisting being separated, Chloe decides to persuade her mother to start over if that is what she requires.

Tane Parata (Ethan Browne), Ari’s brother, then gives Mia a one-way ticket to New Zealand, where Ari had recently put to rest, so she can start over.

Before Mia packs her bags and departs for the airport and a new life away from Summer Bay, the family gathers for one more pizza party.

But how will Chloe cope without her mother, who has recently become fascinated on her friend Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller)?


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