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Home and Away’s Mackenzie Booth sparks suspicion in illegal gambling plot

Mackenzie Booth of Home and Away is attempting to hide her tracks after violating the law on UK television next week.

Mac has taken a significant risk by holding an illegal gambling night at Salt, thinking that the additional revenue from high-end patrons will help the restaurant overcome its financial difficulties.

After the success of the first poker event, Mac’s barman Ryder Jackson is on a high in next week’s shows on Channel 5.

Mac’s recent date with Logan Bennett is even interrupted by Ryder, who quietly pitches the notion of more gaming nights.

Despite her apprehensions about taking this risk on a regular basis, Mac agrees to meet with Ryder to explore ideas at a later time.

Mac is soon piqued when Ryder suggests that four more poker sessions would be enough to put her back in the black.

Logan is sceptical of these shifting talks and demands to know what’s going on, so Mac concedes and preparations for the next event begin.

When Logan and Mac can’t figure out what she’s hiding, he turns to Dean for help.

Dean tries to find out what’s going on by asking Ryder, but all he says is that Mac is organising some “themed nights” for Salt to improve earnings.

Dean, a sceptic, struggles to comprehend this, asking why themed nights must be kept such a closely guarded secret.

Meanwhile, Mac’s plan for more poker evenings is met with opposition from Felicity Newman, who was instrumental in the first one’s success.

If the gatherings are held too frequently, Felicity claims, they would lose their exclusivity and attract suspicion.

When Felicity’s boyfriend Tane Parata suggests that another poker night may be enjoyable, she quickly reconsiders and tells Mac that she’s back in.

Will Mac’s gamble pay off, or will Logan and Dean’s suspicions cause her problems?


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