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Home and Away welcomes new character Dr Levi

In the upcoming weeks, Dr. Levi, a new character on Home and Away, will make his Summer Bay debut with a link to an already-loved character.

As a new physician who is “racing to save a Home and Away favourite,” Levi is a cardiothoracic surgeon, or an expert in hearts, when he first arrives in Summer Bay.

The character that is thought to be that favourite is Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir), who will have a heart attack in later episodes.

Tristan Gorey plays the character of Levi, who will premiere in Australia early in November and then in the UK early in the New Year.

Since the release of an audition tape earlier this year, we have been aware of the entrance of a new physician. It was discovered that the owner of Salt was about to experience a serious health concern when it was made public online and observed by Back to the Bay.

The relevant scene, which we’ve given a transcript of below, shows Mackenzie at the hospital when the male physician—who is now thought to be heart specialist Levi—pays her a visit to explain the circumstances surrounding her shock collapse.

Have you yet to hear what has happened to you?


My heart gave out.

In theory, sure, but the situation is a little more complicated than that. You experienced a coronary artery dissection that is known as spontaneous. That essentially indicates that one of your heart’s blood veins was torn.


The heart muscle begins to die at that point. which explains why you fell.

Yet why… Really, why did that occur?

We have no idea why; it’s quite uncommon. That implies, I suppose, that you have joined a very exclusive club.

I would prefer frequent flyer miles.

The doctor then continues the scene by telling Mac that she will need time to heal, at which point she starts to become anxious about running a business.

Mac is already over-exerting herself, so Levi attempts to calm her down by pointing to her heart monitor and explaining that if she has any chance of recovering, she will have to back off from Salt.

While Mackenzie will soon get to know the new character Levi, it appears that Levi already knows another beloved Summer Bay character, Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo)!

Early in October, fan Esther Mackie of the Home and Away Spoilers & Info Facebook group saw Tristan Gorey filming at Palm Beach with Stephanie Panozzo. In those sequences, he was revealed to be Eden’s brother.

Esther Mackie / Facebook Information & Spoilers for Home and Away

It’s unclear at this time if Levi has been secretly working at Northern Districts’ heart unit during this time, or if he travels to Summer Bay to visit Eden and promptly settles down in the town.

Since Eden first appeared on film last year, not much has been stated about her family; up until now, her siblings have not been mentioned. We do, however, know that she was raised in a funeral house, and her family continued to believe that Eden would eventually take over the company.

In the upcoming weeks, more Lyrik relatives will appear on film, not only Levi. Fans will have the opportunity to meet Remi’s (Adam Rowland) real-life husband and wife, Brian Meegan and Kate Raison, who portray Graham and Nicola Carter, Remi’s parents, later this week.

Remi is planning to ask his girlfriend Bree (Juliet Godwin) to join them; however, it’s unclear if they would meet at the bay or go to their parents’ vacation house, “Castillo de Carter,” which was saw on television earlier this year. Learn more about their arrival here.

Brian Meegan and Kate Raison, a married pair, will portray Graham and Nicola Carter. Pictures: LMCM

Australian actor Tristan Gorey is well recognised for his roles as “Texas” in the critically acclaimed television series Mystery Road: Origin (2022) and as Hammer, the Australian champion boxer, in his feature picture debut in Kid Snow (2024). Additionally, he is well-known for narrating the Disney+ series Shipwreck Hunters (2022).

Perth, Western Australia’s sun-kissed shore is where he was born. He was raised in a five-member working-class family as the middle child between an elder brother and a younger sister. He was a student at Mount Claremont’s John XXIII College.

The esteemed Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts was Tristan’s school. He moved to Sydney in 2023 to play Dr. Levi, a cardiothoracic surgeon, in the television series Home and Away. He will make his screen debut in early November in Australia.


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