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Home and Away teases suspicious new character in 25 spoiler pictures

The relationship between Irene’s new lodger Harper Matheson and Cash Newman is revealed on Channel 5’s Home and Away the next week.

Whereas Bree Cameron gives an update to Alf Stewart following hearing tests, Kirby Aramoana threatens to resign, and Lyrik waits eagerly for word on her future.

Check out our gallery of 25 images for a preview of what’s to come.

Monday, September 25: Bree and Alf catch up.
On the recommendation of his loved ones in the Bay, he just had his hearing evaluated.

September 25, Monday: Bree comforts Alf
She promises to get in contact with you right away once the results are known.

September 25, Monday: Bree tells Alf the truth.
She says there’s a good chance he’ll get fitted for hearing aids. Alf feels uneasy with this.

September 25, Monday: Marilyn apologises to Alf
Recently, she has been insistent in pushing Alf to get assistance. Thankfully, Alf is aware that Marilyn acts in his best interests at all times.

On September 27, Wednesday, John questions Irene.
John inquires about any interest in Irene’s room, which she has listed for rent at her home.

On September 27, a Wednesday, Harper talks with Irene
The newbie to Summer Bay is intrigued by the room.

Irene is impressed by Harper on Wednesday, September 27.
Irene says the room is hers provided Harper’s references come out clean.

Wednesday, September 27: Harper and Irene receive a surprise
Something interrupts.

On September 27, a Wednesday, John is discovered.
John, who is naturally suspicious of Harper, is peeking outside.

September 27, Wednesday: Irene is not feeling well.
She charges John with interfering.

Irene establishes the law on Wednesday, September 27.
She tells John to let go of his meddling.

September 27, Wednesday: Irene gambles on Harper
Harper is welcome to move in, she says.

Wednesday, September 27: It appears that Harper is concealing information that would prove John was correct all along.

On September 27, a Wednesday, Bree visits Eden.
She is aware of Kirby’s thoughts about splitting from Lyrik.

Wednesday, September 27: Bree and Eden discuss how Lyrik is still anxiously awaiting Kirby’s verdict.

September 27, Wednesday: Eden is concerned
If Kirby left to pursue a solo career, Lyrik would suffer a great loss.

On September 28, Thursday: John is startled.
He learns that Harper has been invited to stay with Irene.

September 28, Thursday: Harper is facing pressure
She doesn’t need John scrutinising her.

On Thursday, September 28, John goes for a stroll with Irene.
John keeps saying how much he dislikes this.

September 28, Thursday: John gives guidance
He believes that Harper ought to be ejected by Irene.

September 28, Thursday: Irene demonstrations
Her curiosity in John’s suspicions is nonexistent.

September 28, Thursday: John is not happy.
He wishes Irene will give him some attention.

Thursday, September 28: Harper and Cash finally meet.
Harper has dealt with Cash on a professional basis in the past because she works as a social worker.

On September 28, Thursday: Harper is forthright.
Admittedly, she had come to Summer Bay hoping to get Cash’s assistance. Dana, her sister, is evading law enforcement after being falsely accused of drug charges by her lover.

Thursday, September 28: Cash finds himself in a challenging predicament.
Harper requests that he investigate Dana’s case, complimenting him on his previous diligence.


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