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Home and Away teases shock arrival for Logan in 2022

A new trailer for Home and Away has been published, promising a fresh start for the people of Summer Bay in 2022 – but it isn’t going to be all fun and games for everyone.

Following the shocking murder of the wicked Matthew Montgomery in the season finale of the Australian soap, a teaser for forthcoming episodes has hinted at possibly life-changing implications for Chloe Anderson and her mother Mia.

They aren’t the only ones in for a New Year’s Eve shake-up, as the latest teaser also introduces a newcomer to the Bay – and they look to have a history with Logan Bennett.

Logan is approached by a mysterious blonde lady in the video. Logan is visibly shaken by her presence, but will the introduction of Home and Away’s new recruit jeopardise Logan and Mackenzie Booth’s budding romance?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Logan and Mac, but even if things don’t work out, we can rest assured that Emily Weir had a blast working with Harley Bonner.

Emily recently told Digital Spy that working with Harley has been “a delight.” “We’ve had a lot of fun and we get along pretty well,” she remarked.

“We’re terrific friends.” We have a lot of laughs together, and he’s a terrific guy and actor – everything you want in a coworker with whom you spend so much time. So that was fantastic.


When asked about their characters’ romance, Emily noted that their common sense of humour helps them “form a really wonderful fit.”

“They’re both straightforward individuals,” she said, “but Mackenzie is more high-strung, whereas Logan is more laid-back.”

“Logan is a trauma surgeon, therefore his profession and career are both quite demanding. Aside from that, he’s a pretty laid-back, peaceful, and enjoyable person. In that way, it’s a perfect complement for Mackenzie. She need a sense of humour and amusement. At this stage in their life, that makes them a terrific match.”


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