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Home and Away star Patrick O’Connor surprised by interest in his real-life romance

Patrick O’Connor, star of Home and Away, has answered to fans’ questions about his personal relationship with his co-star.

The actor, who has played Dean Thompson on the Australian soap since 2018, has experienced a wide range of storylines on the programme, including murder and life-threatening injuries, as well as family reunions and falling in and out of love. Fans find his real-life romance with his on-screen lover (Ziggy Astoni, played by Sophie Dillman) intriguing, something the Queenslander finds perplexing.

Patrick, according to Stuff, doesn’t understand the attention they’re getting because their connection started as a friendship years before they were featured on the serial.

He told the site, “I just think we’re a bit of a dull couple.” “We’re Brisbane locals who prefer to have a good time and simply enjoy the journey.”

“Both of our families are from Brisbane, and when we relocated to Sydney, we both got jobs on the show, and everything just fell into place.” We’re simply grateful for our good fortune and happiness.”

In other news, the soap star recently revealed how his on-screen mother Karen (Georgia Adamsonreturn )’s intentions have changed in recent years.

Patrick told Inside Soap that Karen was intended to return in 2021: “They had planned on Karen returning last year, but it still came as a shock!”


Georgia was in a separate state in Australia, he continued, and the actress couldn’t go to Sydney to film her sequences due of the pandemic’s restrictions.

“I was more disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to achieve it in 2020,” he continued. “But I’m delighted we were able to reclaim her. Karen is well-known for being a wonderful person!”


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