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Home and Away star Lynne McGranger takes on new role: ‘My only regret’

Lynne McGranger, best known for her work on Home and Away, has taken on a brand-new role, but her much-loved character Irene Roberts won’t be leaving anytime soon.

In an effort to encourage Australians to seek a crucial health check after they turn 50, the actress who was nominated for a Silver Logie has teamed up with the Cancer Council.

As part of a new campaign to promote bowel cancer screening, Lynne thought back on some significant events in her own life, such as her daughter Clancy’s wedding and her lengthy and prosperous acting career.

She freely acknowledges that she was not “an angel” herself and waited until she was over 70 to take her first screening test.

“I took it for the first time last year, and it was such a weight off my shoulders to know I’d done something so easy to contribute positively to my health,” she claims.

“The only thing I wish I had done sooner is that.

Taking the exam is one method to ensure that you don’t miss any of the milestones you still want to celebrate, like your daughter’s wedding.

The Cancel Council approached Lynne to discuss significant life events in order to persuade people not to discard those bowel screening test kits when they are delivered by mail, as so many people appear to do.

According to Lynne, who speaks to 7Life, “the participation rates on the bowel cancer screening tests are very low, around 40%, which is pretty terrible.”

However, the examination just takes two minutes.

“I adore the hashtag Get2It because it can be completed in two minutes, counts as a Number 2, and is spread out over two days.

You should tell folks to “get to it, do it, it’s easy, it’s hygienic, and it might save your life.”

An alarm clock
Major life events, including taking a vacation, attending a child’s wedding, or seeing the birth of grandkids, according to more than half of Australians polled in a recent survey, are likely to inspire people to start prioritising their health more.

And over 80% of those surveyed expressed the wish that they had prioritised their health much earlier.

A cancer or other health diagnosis or other unwelcome wake-up call is frequently necessary for people to begin taking their health and wellbeing more seriously.

In a brand-new ad video, Lynne takes viewers on a journey through her history as she shares some of her most treasured memories and photos.

I dug out some precious stuff, like my 1974 Wagga Wagga Drama Festival Best Actress trophy,” she chuckles.

In one shot, Lynne is seen playing with the Murray River playing Group, where she first met her partner Paul. In another, the Sensational Spangles, a rock and roll act with a 1960s aesthetic, is shown on stage with them.

Clancy was born to Lynne and Paul in 1991, and this week, she will get to witness her daughter’s wedding.

She explains, “There have been so many wonderful moments and significant occasions in her life, as well as mine.”

“We’re trying to become grandparents before going crazy!

We’re crossing our fingers for that, no pressure.

Lynne claims that she was moved by the thought of milestones approaching because of Clancy’s approaching wedding.

“We’re very excited about that, and then there’s Christmas at our place this year, which will be interesting because I can’t cook to save myself, and then next May we’re planning to do an overseas trip… all of those things are things to look forwards to, and they wouldn’t be possible if I was struggling with illness and being treated for something, like with bowel cancer, that I could have detected and had treated earlier if I’d just done that test,” she says.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JULY 30: Lynne McGranger attends the 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards at The Star, Sydney on July 30, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Sam Tabone/Getty Images)

Lynne claims she was “blessed” when the results of her initial screening, which she underwent late last year, revealed she was clear.

“I’m not proud of the fact that it took me so long,” she admits.

“I’m not some goody-two-shoes who started when I got 50; I haven’t.

“And then I did it, achieved the desired outcome, thank heavens, and was overjoyed.

However, I also know that 90% of bowel cancer cases can be effectively treated if they are discovered early. If things had been a little questionable.

After her father passed away from cancer in 2005, Lynne acknowledges that she only really began to take her own health seriously.

“I gave up smoking, and that was a big one for me, a really big one,” she explains.

“After that, I started to become healthier and fitter, and I now work out three to four days a week.

“I’ve always eaten healthily; I don’t like sugar, but I do enjoy a glass of red wine.

The need of maintaining excellent health increased as a result of the impending big 7-0 and our daughter’s impending wedding.

I’m thrilled about the prospect of being able to persuade other people to have screening tests, and I’m extremely happy to have joined the Cancer Council.

The National Bowel Screening Programme test can be finished at home and returned via mail. It is quick and clean.

Here is where you may find more details.


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