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Home and Away star Kirsty Marillier responds to on-screen dad arrival

The arrival of her on-screen father prompted a response from Home and Away actor Kirsty Marillier.

The Summer Bay police officer recently questioned the identification of the actor’s Rose Delaney, who made her acting debut last year.

Rose uses her sleuthing abilities to find a photograph of her mother with a South African lecturer named Samuel Edwards, and she comes to believe that he might be her father.

In the episode that aired on Thursday (August 24), Bert LaBonte made his debut as Samuel, and Marillier said that his presence had been a dream come true for her.

“I saw him [Bert] on stage in a production in Melbourne a few years ago, and he was so terrific in it,” she said to Stuff. I approached him later and requested that he portray my father in a future project.

That occurred in 2019. She continued, “I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I have to act with him in something and I need to play his daughter,’ and now I have,” before going on to discuss Rose’s ambiguity regarding her ancestry more.

Rose is severely estranged from her African ancestry, and I believe that this will inspire her to embark on a voyage. She stated, “I believe that can always be fairly disconcerting for a person. It opened something up that she wasn’t aware she needed.

She had a strong sense of self, but while growing up in a loving, supportive family, there was always one thing she didn’t know about herself: who her biological father was.

“That might hurt, in my opinion. It can be incisive, depressing, or it can elicit rage. It has the power to elicit a wide range of emotions in a person. It could elicit intense fury or intense grief. It might mention both at once. It can also be joyful, she continued.


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