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Home and Away star addresses show exit in tragic storyline

Rob Kipa-Williams, who played Ari Parata, has left the show after his character’s devastating exit plotline.

Ari’s dying moments, which shown on Australian televisions today (March 7), came after he was diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei, an extremely rare form of cancer. He’d chosen to die on his own terms, surrounded by family, rather than undergo routine and harsh operations.

After his character’s final scenes aired, Kipa-Williams expressed his dissatisfaction with the outcome on Instagram.

“Thank you to all of the fans for all of the love, messages, and support. “Thank you to everyone who makes the wheels turn, including the cast, crew, camera, directors, production, writing, makeup, art department, and everyone else in between,” he said.

“This Iconic Ozzie Television Show Took Chances.” I’m honoured to have collaborated on Mori cultural storylines, and I’ll always be proud of the sequences that got it to the movie… it was true teamwork. My goal is that this will lead to increased diversity.

“Thank you, Ariki Wiremu Parata, for everything; you’ve taught me a lot.” “I’m going to miss you,”

The actress, who can also be seen in Jason Statham’s The Meg confronting a deep-sea monster, earned a lot of love from fans in the comments area.

“I’m so depressed!!! On the show, you were fantastic! I couldn’t help but cry. I wish you the best of luck!!” One fan replied, “I’m a huge fan of yours,” while another added, “I’ “H&A’s best luck came in the form of the Paratas! Ari, you’ll be missed.”

What an impression he left.


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