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Home and Away Spoilers – Will Gabe break Mac’s heart again?

The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Bella unexpectedly returns to Summer Bay, and Gabe chooses to break up with Mackenzie once more.

There is a pleasant surprise in store for new parents Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) with an unexpected visitor to the farmhouse after a stressful few weeks.

Following baby Izzy’s gastroenteritis episode, Ziggy is in the midst of implementing a health kick on the family. Dean and she are astonished when Bella (Courtney Miller) knocks through the door!

Nine months have passed since we last saw Bella leave Summer Bay for what was supposed to be a three-month assignment in New York City, where she would have worked with mentor and fellow photographer Emmett Ellison (JR Reyne).

Bella had urged her boyfriend Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) to accompany her to the United States, but Nik decided to stay in Summer Bay after recently landing his dream job as a paid lifeguard.

The Parata family’s threat from the Death Adder Motorcycle Club put a wrench in the pair’s plans, even though they knew they were strong enough to endure the journey for three months.

Nik had witnessed Tane being pressured into protecting step-niece Chloe (Sam Barrett) by sending her to live with the whnau in New Zealand after they threatened to go after the family’s loved ones if he didn’t cooperate with laundering money through the gym.

Nik realised Bella could also be in danger when she called to say she was leaving New York early, so he broke up with her while remaining silent about the reason.

Nik had intended to visit Bella once the turmoil with the bikers had passed, but Dean pointed out that Bella had moved on and was now living her best life. Bella was left inconsolable as she decided to stay in New York.

Back in the present, Bella says she has concluded her most recent exhibition and, with only five days until her next performance, decided to take a break from touring to fly back to Australia to see Izzy.

While Bella coos over the newest member of the family, Dean and Ziggy are pleased with her for succeeding in New York.

Dean discusses the issue when Ziggy brings Izzy for her meal.

So you won’t even inquire about him? Dean makes a statement about Nik.

“Who?” Bella quips back before shifting the subject and requesting permission to take a shower.

When Dean later remarks that that’s a long way to go without even saying hello to her ex-boyfriend, he won’t let it go, though.

Bella says she doesn’t care whether she sees Nik because she believes that his choice to abandon her was rather definitive and that they have nothing to discuss.

Though Summer Bay is a small town, it doesn’t take Nik long to stroll in and recognise the familiar face at the bar after going to Salt to visit Mackenzie (Emily Weir).

The two sit down for a conversation after greeting each other with evident joy.

Bella tries to put Nik out of his misery by assuring him it’s not required because he made his feelings very plain on their previous video conference, while Nik tries to make awkward small talk.

Bella interrupts Nik’s attempt to convey that they need to talk about some issues by stating that she loves her life in New York and that his decision to dump her was the finest thing that has ever happened to her.

Before departing the meal, Bella promises a dejected Nik there are no hard feelings and says it was great to see him.

As she makes her way back to the farmhouse, Bella puts up a brave face, but Dean can see right through her.

Bella eventually caves and acknowledges that she is upset that Nik can still contact her after all this time, not to mention that he ditched her without providing any justification.

Bella says, “All I ever did was love him,” before pointing out that there’s no use bringing it up with Nik right now.

You obviously have questions, Dean responds. You didn’t go all the way here just to ask them, right?

Will Bella be able to bring herself to confront Nik about the true cause of her heartbreak?

Gabe (Akos Armont) is in a terrible situation in another part of Summer Bay after learning that his non-Hodgkin lymphoma may have returned.

Bree (Juliet Godwin), who had learned about Gabe’s medical history, had asked to run some blood tests after he had a concussion the previous week from being struck on the head with a surfboard while swimming.

Gabe was ready to assume the worst when his testing revealed certain anomalies, which he hadn’t counted on.

Next week, when the action resumes, Bree tells Gabe that she has scheduled him for another scan for tomorrow and offers to listen to him if he ever needs to chat.

Bree naturally accepts when Gabe asks her if she can keep things quiet with their pals after declining a further offer from a social worker.

Later, Mackenzie surprises Gabe by proposing to him over a romantic lunch and asking him to move in with her. Knowing what he might potentially be about to face, he quickly declines her offer and leaves.

Mac pursues Gabe in the hopes of getting an explanation, but he blames his amusing mood on his concussion and says they’ll discuss tomorrow.

Dean resolves to confront Gabe the following morning, but he is not in the mood for an interrogation after learning about the event from Mac. Gabe breaks down as he firmly orders Dean to back off because he can no longer mask his feelings.

As Gabe discloses his anticipated diagnosis, Dean is taken aback. Gabe goes on to say that he saw his remission last year as a second shot at life, which is why he came to meet Mac after all this time.

He begs Dean to keep the news from Mac, but when Dean later hears Gabe telling Bree that he won’t be showing up for his scan appointment to confirm the diagnosis, he realises he must be honest with Mac.

Later, while Gabe is on his way to Salt, he apologises to Mac for his behaviour the day before but says that he wants to call it a day and separate from her.

Mac, however, appears unconcerned by what Gabe has just revealed to her and inquires as to whether that is all.

“I don’t know what else there is to say,” says Gabe.

“Well, I know about the cancer,” Mac admits. Why don’t you begin there then?


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