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Home and Away spoilers: Theo punches Dimitri in a vicious father and son showdown

Theo (Matt Evans) and Chloe (Sam Barrett) recently took their relationship to the next level by sleeping together on an emotional afternoon when they were both trying to escape their difficulties. Chloe has been clinging to Bella’s (Courtney Miller) companionship and manipulating her friends and family, while Theo has been left reeling following his father Dimitri’s (Salvatore Coco) unexpected arrival in the Bay.

The next day, they stumble across one other again, and Theo invites Chloe to dinner, which she gladly agrees. Chloe, on the other hand, notices Bella approaching from afar and swiftly changes her tune, turning off the enthusiasm and telling Theo she’s not sure. She then rushes over to Bella and lies to her that Theo is too eager And she’s having trouble dealing with it.

Theo confronts Chloe afterwards, asking whether their night together was a mistake. It meant something to him, but her erratic behaviour has left him perplexed. Chloe must choose between disclosing the truth and maintaining their developing romance – and protecting her friendship with Bella. She chooses to prioritise Bella and lies to Theo, claiming it had no meaning for her. Theo is heartbroken.

Theo’s love life isn’t his only issue; Justin (James Stewart) is eager to help, telling him that he needs to be honest about why he doesn’t want to live in the city with Dimitri. Meanwhile, John (Shane Withington) confronts Theo’s tormentor, and Dimitri senses that John is aware of something. He invites John out for a drink, which he agrees since he wants to know what Dimitri’s game in the Bay is.

Both men realise what the other’s game is during a quiet heated talk in Salt. Dimitri is enraged that Theo is chatting to John and confronts his son right away. While onlookers in the Surf Club gaze, he asks Theo why he’s been badmouthing him to others. However, Theo has had enough of his father and snaps, punching him to the ground…


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