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Home And Away spoilers: Theo falls into bad habits with Valerie

Valerie has captured Theo’s heart ever since they first met. The newcomer embodies everything he aspires to be: he is free-spirited, self-reliant, and wild.
However, how much does he—or anybody—actually know about her?

“Before the Bay, Valerie had spent 8 months in a mental health clinic after a car accident resulted in her brother’s death,” Courtney told TV WEEK.
When she encounters Leah in the clinic, she is quite far along a path of pain and self-loathing. Valerie determines that spending time with her new acquaintance is the best course of action. as she makes her way to Summer Bay.”
Taking courage from Valerie’s openness, Theo admits he’s having his own struggles. He has lost interest in music and is struggling in his TAFE degree.
Valerie offers to “help” him relax and accepts to go with him to a gig at Salt. Theo looks in shock as Valerie gives him a tablet. He swallows it after he hesitates for a moment.

Theo and Valerie go out on the party drug that night at Salt.
They exchange a passionate kiss as he feels fantastic. However, his ex-girlfriend Kirby (Angelina Thomson) notices his peculiar attitude and cautions him.
“There’s definitely an element of intrigue and mystery from [Kirby and others] especially when things start to get a little friendly with her and Theo,” Courtney states.
But Theo wakes up the next morning with a fresh perspective on life. He requests Valerie to get him more since he wants more.
Will he commit a grave error?


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