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EXCLUSIVE: Why Home And Away sweetheart Sophie Dillman isn’t spending Valentine’s Day with Patrick O’Connor this year

Sophie Dillman, who plays Sophie on Home And Away, will not be wined and dined by boyfriend and co-star Patrick O’Connor on Valentine’s Day.

But don’t worry, their enviable relationship isn’t in jeopardy — she’s simply prioritising the incredible ladies in her life.

Sophie tells Now To Love about her ‘Galentine’s Day’ plans, “There’s a bunch of my friends who always go to a big all-you-can-eat Italian restaurant and celebrate the girls.”

They’ll spend the evening chatting and trading love horror stories, though the 28-year-old actress has none to tell about Patrick.

“I don’t have any scary stories to tell. I mean, I’ve been lonely for several Valentine’s Days, but I’ve had no horror stories, so I guess I’m lucky “She chuckles.

Fans of Home And Away have always admired Sophie and Patrick’s on-screen connection, which has since blossomed into a lovely real-life couple.

While it’s tempting to imagine TV stars leading glamorous lives, Sophie says her favourite dates with Patrick are shockingly low-key.

“A home-cooked supper is one of my favourite things to eat. Coming home after a long day at work and finding my partner has prepared a delicious meal is my absolute favourite thing in the world “She informs us.

“He’s a fantastic cook. We’ve shared some fantastic meals.”

Of course, some relationship milestones necessitate something extra special, and the couple has taken use of their own backyard in Australia for romantic holidays.

Sophie and Patrick spent one of the most “wonderful” long weekends of their lives at Hyams Beach in Shoalhaven a few years ago, though they won’t be escaping this Valentine’s Day.

“I’ve never seen such magnificent water or a wonderful tiny village with a wonderful little tavern and lovely attitudes. It comes highly recommended from me! “According to the actress.

Road vacations, especially short ones like the three-hour drive from Sydney to Hyams Beach, can put a relationship to the test, as Sophie knows.

Arguments over directions, music, and bad car singing are typical, but she and Patrick, unlike some couples, manage to keep the peace on lengthy rides.

“Patty and I are quite fortunate; we’ve had several road trips together and seem to do fine. We’ve never had any serious fights, I don’t believe “She chuckles.

“My lovely Mazda has a screen that always displays you where you’re going, so there’s no room for error [in instructions]. And if there is any ambiguity, it is solely the fault of the driver.”

That’s especially true if Patrick is behind the wheel!

The couple also spent a lot of time filming Home And Away in Palm Beach, where Sophie predicts that there will be a lot of heart-shaped chocolate today.

She says she’ll be sharing the love with her co-stars, including Lynne McGranger and Ada Nicodemou, and that her character Ziggy will be feeling the love as well.

“I believe she will spend Valentine’s Day with Dean [Patrick’s character], and they will most likely go surfing and eat pizza and beer. That is their ambition “Sophie expresses herself.

Since 2017, fans have known her as Ziggy, but the laid-back actress says she relates more with a totally different movie character, especially when it comes to love.

“I simply feel like Bridget Jones,” she jokes, referring to Renee Zellweger’s character in the 2001 romantic comedy Bridget Jones’ Diary.

“She’s lovely but real, she makes errors, she’s down to earth, and he [Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy] loves her just the way she is.”

We’re wondering if this means Sophie has a celebrity crush on Colin Firth. Nope!

“Kevin James is the subject of a peculiar crush of mine. Kevin James and James Corden are two of my biggest crushes “She feigns embarrassment as she admits.

“They’d also make great Valentine’s Day partners, in my opinion. They’re clever, they’re amusing, and they’re always ready for a good time.”

Sophie confirms that Patrick is aware of her strange crushes and that he teases her about them on a daily basis.

Sophie has her wardrobe selected and colour coordinated to match the romantic theme, as well as her ruby red Mazda, for her Galentine’s Day supper tonight.

But, most significantly, Sophie’s ensemble “also provides you ample room to eat as much as you want” — she’s a woman after our own hearts!


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