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Home and Away spoilers: Justin wakes up, Mack shock discovery and Kirby released

When Justin awakens, a remark regarding Leah’s proposal breaks her heart. Meanwhile, Kirby is freed from her solo contract and Mack finds Felicity’s contraceptive pill.

Next week, the drama on Home and Away reaches unprecedented heights.

Bree relays the bad news to Leah: Justin may have experienced cardiac damage as evidenced by a decline in cardiac function. Leah finds it extremely difficult to leave him when they go to speak with the police about their experience with Vita Nova.

Leah panics when she gets back and Justin is gone for a scan; it’s obvious that her recent tragedy has affected her in a significant way. Leah flatly refuses when Bree suggests that it might be time to bid Justin farewell.

When Leah tells Theo about her proposal at Justin’s bedside, Theo is upbeat. However, Justin’s health quickly worsens, and he kindly advises Leah to contact her relatives.

Leah loses it, gets angry. After leaving Justin’s room for a minute, she runs into Alf, who carries her into his arms since she can no longer contain her emotions. When Justin takes another turn, Alf, Leah, and Theo speak to him at the hospital, but he is unconscious.

Bree tells the family that Justin’s heart is failing as she dashes in to attempt to save his life. In the meantime, Justin finds himself in a haunting cathedral full of people in mourning.

It dawns on him that he’s at his own funeral when he spots a picture of himself. Though Justin is unable to get his loved ones to hear him, it is Leah’s mid-eulogy in which she calls him a coward that gives him the willpower to live. Unexpectedly, Justin awakens to find himself in the hospital with his loved ones gathering at his bedside.

Theo divulges information on Justin and Leah’s nuptials amid the happy festivities. While everyone is excited for them, Justin is reticent all of a sudden. Leah is devastated when Justin informs her later, when they are alone, that he won’t hold her to the proposal because she only asked because he was dying.

When Mackenzie takes out the pictures of her niece, she senses something between Tane and Felicity in another scene. Mackenzie is ecstatic when Tane quickly announces that they are attempting to conceive a child.

But more baby discussion fills Felicity with dread. She keeps avoiding the topic at work until Mackenzie finds out about Felicity’s birth control pills. After Mackenzie makes it apparent that she cannot support Felicity’s lies, Felicity quickly informs Tane that they need to speak.

Felicity says that Tane telling Mackenzie about their intentions for a baby is what has disturbed her during their conversation, but in reality, Felicity is just caught up in Tane’s desire for a baby. Remi arranges for Lyrik to put on a fictitious performance across the bay in an attempt to get Forrest to get Kirby out of her contract.

Kirby’s single contract is terminated.

Kirby tries to play her hand during a meeting with Forrest, but he responds by threatening to sue them for slander and breach of contract. They make the decision to provide Forrest with a fresh, prospective plan. If he were to break off Kirby’s contract, he would then be in complete charge of her solo output. Kirby is thrilled to be released from her contract by the label because she feels confident about the transaction.


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