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Home And Away spoilers: Felicity has been drugged on a night out

The Battle of the Bands competition was meant to be an enjoyable evening out. But Felicity had to go through a terrifying experience.

This week on Home And Away, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) awakens in a room at the back of the nightclub where she is shivering and finding it difficult to move. Flick, who is unstable, focuses her vision and ponders what has occurred.

She is unaware that while she and her friend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) were dancing, a strange person contaminated their drinks.

According to Jacqui, “Flick initially has no idea what’s happened because she’s very disoriented, deaf, and her limbs don’t function properly.”She begins to wonder what happened when she tries to sit up and notices that her dress is torn and her bra is visible.

She falls to the ground in Eden’s arms as she exits the room. Knowing how terrible the situation is, Lyrik withdraws from the contest. Flick tells Dr. Bree (Juliet Godwin) at the hospital that she thinks she may have been the victim of sexual assault.

It’s agonizing, says Jacqui.
She finds it difficult to believe, but she must. Bree assists her in realizing the terrible circumstances and guides her through a rape kit [examination] so that she has the choice of calling the police if she so chooses.

Tane (Ethan Browne) is waiting for his wife at home. When given the frightening information, he is furious that Felicity’s friends could have allowed it to happen, but he also feels terrible for missing it.

Her brother, policeman Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), is unaware of his sister’s plight in the meantime.

Eden and Tane are concerned that Felicity would spiral, as she did after the automobile accident ruined her wedding day, despite her determination to move over the unpleasant experience.
Eden implores her to tell Cash everything.

Flick is terrified and filled with humiliation, as many women would be, adds Jacqui. She holds herself accountable. These kinds of assaults not only harm the victim, but also those close to them because they have an impact on them and cause a lot of guilt.


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