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Home and Away Spoilers – Eden reunites with her secret brother

As Mackenzie gains from Levi’s bedside manner the following week on Home and Away in the UK, the new physician is taken aback to run into his estranged sister.

After learning about her situation, Dr. Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey) showed up at Northern Districts Hospital, and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) owes him her life. Although Mac had experienced a heart attack at Salt, the reason for her admission to the ED was not immediately apparent. After quickly putting Mac through surgery, cardiothoracic surgeon Levi learned that she had suffered from spontaneous coronary artery dissection, or SCAD.

After being moved from the intensive care unit to a regular ward the next week, Mac is nervous because she is concerned about what might happen if she has another heart attack. She is receiving appropriate care, as promised by Levi, and Bree (Juliet Godwin) supports him.

That evening, as Levi prepares to leave, he notices that Mac is still anxious. She says she has more time to think about things because the ward is quiet.

As he turns to depart, Levi pauses and then inquires as to whether she enjoys watching quiz shows. Levi settles in for the evening, bringing out his laptop so they can watch one together.

Remi (Adam Rowland), meantime, is displeased that Bree didn’t work yesterday as she had claimed; instead, she spent the entire day at home. Ever since they got back from his parents’ wedding anniversary meal, Bree seems to have avoided Remi.

After ignoring more texts, Remi goes to Yabbie Creek and confronts Bree at the hospital. She acknowledges that being with his parents had thrown her off.


Bree realised she was feeling unfulfilled when Remi began discussing their future together, using his parents’ 35-year marriage as an example. Bree feels like she has a lot of catching up to do after devoting her 20s to medical school and missing out on a lot.

Remi acknowledges this and assures her that they will resolve the issue amicably, but he becomes sidetracked when he sees a familiar face at the nurses’ station.

“Is it Levi?” he queries Bree.

He finds someone and, after racing back to Summer Bay, informs her that she won’t believe who Mac’s heart expert is.

“Why should I be concerned?” Eden queries. As the truth dawns on her, she falters, “It’s not like I know many hearts.”

Cash (played by Nicholas Cartwright) asks his fiancée who Levi is, while Remi confirms that Levi is in town.

“My brother,” Eden says in shock.

Considering that Eden has never mentioned having a brother, Cash is equally shocked.

The little information viewers have learned about Eden’s family is that she was raised in a funeral parlour, and it was still expected of her that she would take over the family business eventually—something Eden has no intention of giving up bass playing for!

Eden says she hasn’t spoken to Levi in a long time. When Eden was fifteen years old, her parents divorced after it came to light that her father was having an affair. Eden has never forgiven Levi, who was eighteen at the time, for “abandoning” the family and siding with their father.

Bree questions whether it’s time to try to get back in touch with her sibling, but Eden gets defensive and tells Bree she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Cash, however, makes the observation that there must have been a lot of love there in the first place if Eden feels this way about Levi. That has to be worth attempting to save, right?

Eden steps gently onto the Northern Districts ward, but she botches it when she sees Levi at the nurses’ station.

But her swift getaway is foiled, and as Levi turns to walk away, he sees the figure furiously attempting to get the lift back.

When her name is called, Eden grudgingly turns around, meeting her sibling for the first time in more than ten years.

Eden confesses that she came to see him, and Levi, who had no idea that she lived nearby, agrees to talk.

Levi inquires about Eden’s activities while they wander around the bay (we don’t bring up their unpleasant drive back from Yabbie Creek beforehand). After asking him a caustic question about how long he’s been chatting, Levi informs Eden that she has turned down all of his advances during that period.

Levi hasn’t been totally oblivious to Eden’s existence, though; their mother has been gushing to him about Lyrik’s CD, and he even listens to it while in the operating room.

Levi tells Eden that their father is also pleased of her, but Eden finds this to be a sensitive topic and quickly storms away from her brother, declaring that coming to see him was a mistake.

Will Eden ever be able to forgive her older brother and move past her grudges?


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